Black Tip Reef, The Damaniyat Islands

clear water of damaniyats  The Damaniyat Islands consist of 9 islands and there are a total of 12 recognized dive-sites to explore there.  Our first dive (which is my 19th dive to date) on Thursday, April 13th, was to Black Tip Reef; so named because of the black tip reef sharks which are often observed there. (Not on this dive, thank God! 😉 ) We were with Faisal, Muneer and the gang from Omanta Scuba.  It was a beautiful day for diving!our motley crew  Our motley crew heading to Black Tip Reef!ready to submerge  Getting ready for the dive…We were down for a total of 48 minutes at a bottom depth of 26 meters. (Apart from the 1st 2 pics of this post, all photo credits go to Denise Boyd! Amazing job as always, Denise!)April 11 Daymaniyats 017April 11 Daymaniyats 019April 11 Daymaniyats 020April 11 Daymaniyats 021April 11 Daymaniyats 024April 11 Daymaniyats 029April 11 Daymaniyats 030April 11 Daymaniyats 032April 11 Daymaniyats 033April 11 Daymaniyats 035April 11 Daymaniyats 038April 11 Daymaniyats 039April 11 Daymaniyats 043 - CopyApril 11 Daymaniyats 051April 11 Daymaniyats 054 - Copy  Here’s a video I put together from different clips I filmed during this dive:

Whether it’s for snorkeling or diving, anyone living in or visiting Oman should try to make it to the Damaniyat Islands at least once. Gorgeous!

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  1. Very beautiful and nice andy.

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