Safari Rooftop Grillhouse, Grand Hyatt Muscat

 entrance of Grand Hyatt


going up

beautiful terrace scene

terrace grill

bar and paintings

main menu

main course

back of menu

main course 2

soup station

salads and such

the chefs

Tiger Beer

2 dessert options

my wifes birthday cake

safari rooftop steak  I’ll post comments later tonight. I thought I should post these pics of our incredible evening at Safari Rooftop Grillhouse as soon as possible as this restaurant is scheduled to close for the summer on May 1st.  If you haven’t been to this restaurant, I highly recommend going before it gets too hot!

4 responses to “Safari Rooftop Grillhouse, Grand Hyatt Muscat

  1. The ostrich is very nice there, as are the unlimited drinks *hic*

    • Daniel,
      I didn’t even notice ostrich on the menu until you mentioned it. 🙂 I don’t believe I’ve ever eaten ostrich and I’m not sure if I ever will… The option of unlimited drinks is nice but can obviously be dangerous and tempting for anyone driving! (probably the best choice for in-house guests or those with a designated driver!) Great food and scene!

  2. Looks awesome! Have to check it out sometime :-).

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