The One and Only Matthew vanKan’s Brilliant Performance at Grand Hyatt Muscat

special effects Matthew vanKan   If you missed, it, Matthew vanKan‘s performance at Muscat Jazz Club (aka Copacabana), Grand Hyatt Muscat was stellar!  Can this man ever sing!  This was his first performance in Muscat and it was a sold out event to an exclusive crowd of 200 (to ensure everyone had an unhindered view of the stage).         The one and only Matthew vanKan  A big thanks to Nicole Bassit who reserved us some of the best VIP seats in the house just in front of the stage to the right.  Here’s a small sample of what the evening was like.  This is Matthew vanKan singing “I’ve Got You Under My Skin“: If you ever get a chance to see Matthew vanKan live, don’t hesitate to buy a ticket. He’s got a fantastic voice and is quite the entertainer.

To see what I mean about being a great entertainer, watch this next clip of him singing “What a Wonderful World” and see how he handles a table of men who can’t sing very well (table next to ours…), haha! Classic!  

Like any great entertainer, Mr. vanKan would also give some history or deep thoughts behind some of the songs he sang.  As one quick example, this is how he introduced the classic song “Mr. Bojangles”: “This song, I think, everyone loves it but I’m not sure that everybody has thought about what it really means.  And I was on the tube in London a few days back.  And realized, you know somebody fell over and nobody got up to help or do anything about it.  And it just seemed really strange to me that that could happen and nobody kind of reached out.  My Gran died a couple of years ago and she was like my #1 fan.  And when someone is gone you realize the questions you didn’t ask, the things you don’t know about them.  This whole life that’s lived, and especially with the elderly, you sort of forget that they’ve done all the things that we’ve done and more, and lived through much more than we ever have.  You’re not necessarily that aware and it’s very easy to dismiss people as you walk past them or meet them through your lives and that’s the story of Mr. Bojangles.  With that in mind, listen to the words and I’ll try not to cry. This is Mr. Bojangles.” And here he is singing Bojangles at the Grand Hyatt Muscat:

Listen to Matthrew vanKan on Soundcloud:

Check out his bio, music, events, gallery and even contact him at his website:

Listen to his songs on Reverbnation:

While you’re at it, make sure to “like” his music page on facebook:!/matthewvankanmusic

You can also follow him on twitter at:


7 responses to “The One and Only Matthew vanKan’s Brilliant Performance at Grand Hyatt Muscat

  1. This was a great evening. I’m hoping this guy makes a habit of coming back to Muscat, as he connected well with all in attendance. Hope the Hyatt can continue to sponsor other similar talent in the future. Btw, the video clips were a nice touch. They seemed to be taken from just the right spot.

    • Don,
      Good to see your comment on here. He really did connect with the audience and I also hope he returns (as they promised). I’m glad you enjoyed the videos and I appreciate Mr. Matthew vanKan giving me the permission to film them!

  2. Thank you so much Andy. Have posted your blog to my FB & Twitter. See you next time!!!

  3. Great job at reporting Matthew’s performance from a non-reporter angle. You touched a chord somewhere with the personal narration of what went on and how he performed. I am very familiar with all the songs you mention in this post and think I will have enjoyed hearing him sing.

    Thanks so much for this enjoyable read. Loved it!

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