Red Bull BC One Event at Bait al Zubair Museum, Thurs. April 25th!

Red bull One  This should be a pretty wicked event!  Anyone else plan on attending?

Since its founding 10 years ago, Red Bull BC One has earned a reputation as the premiere one-on-one B-Boy Championship. The international series will be hosted in Oman to choose the best of the best to represent the nation. Winners of the country cyphers will get the chance to compete in one of six global qualifiers in an attempt to reach the 10th World Final in late November. Qualifiers have been confirmed for the USA, Eastern Europe in Ukraine, Western Europe in Italy, Latin America in Colombia, Asia Pacific in Japan and Middle East & Africa in Egypt.  Please join us to watch the best 16 Omani B-Boys battle against each on Thursday April 25th at Bait Zubair Museum.

Here’s a video from last year BC Event in Oman: And a few pics:Competitor - Portrait  “London based DJ Renegade will crank the volume up and play a mix of electrifying break beats to absorb the audience.”Competitor - Performance  “Dancers will be judged on three main skills, including technique, innovation and dance flow by some of the best breaking stars in the world, the judging panel will include three members of the BC One All Stars including B-Boy Lamine, B-Boy Lilou and B-Boy Pelezinho.”

If you’re not doing anything onThursday evening, you might want to come by and check this out!


2 responses to “Red Bull BC One Event at Bait al Zubair Museum, Thurs. April 25th!

  1. I’m Totally trying to go to this. Where is this museum located however? Posted on the FB page to no response yet.

    • Nicole,
      I sure hope you managed to make it! SO sorry for not getting back to you soon enough. I was so busy the past few weeks that I’ve failed to get back to readers’ comments!

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