The Friday “Beverly Hills Brunch” at Grand Hyatt!

Beverly Hills Friday Brunch flyer  I posted this image more than a week ago (along with 2 other events advertised) after it was sent to me from Grand Hyatt Muscat.  They wisely send out such promotions to those in media, including simple bloggers like myself.  I hit the reply button and asked them to book us some seats for the launch of the buffet on Friday, April 19th and I’m glad we went as it was one of the best Friday brunches we’ve ever experienced in Muscat!  I’ll let the pics do the talking!brunch pic 1sushi cornersad clown hahamohammed at your serviceGarry Friend and Matthew vanKan  The General Manager of Grand Hyatt Muscat, Garry Friend with guest of honor, Matthew vanKan, who performed at a sold-out concert the same evening at the Muscat Jazz Club (aka Copacabana).for those who like to drink  If you do go for the brunch + alcohol deal, you should realize that alcohol is not served until 2pm on Fridays.  We were more than satisfied with the brunch + unlimited soft drinks for 22 rials (all inclusive).Carl the DJ  Carl the friendly DJ! Musicians are also part of the live music offered during this special brunch.chefs of the hyatt  Probably my favorite pic from the brunch! 🙂 The incredible Grand Hyatt chefs take a short pause for a group and turf  Just one of several plates I enjoyed… Eat today and diet tomorrow! 😉desserts 1   Plenty of desserts!desserts 2extra food  Anyone familar with Mocha Cafe might realize from this pic that tables have been cleared away to make way for all the extra food provided in their Friday brunch!more food  We were very impressed with this new Friday “Beverly Hills Brunch” at Grand Hyatt Muscat! The best part was when we asked for the bill and the waitress came back to tell us that “the bill has been completely taken care of”!  WOW! What a pleasant surprise! That had to be Nicole! 😉 We were more than ready to pay 22 rials (tax and unlimited soft drinks included) each for the buffet as the food was so delicious.  I was especially impressed with the sushi, lobster and steak.  The waitress informed me that the Beverly Hills Brunch will run until May 11th and then close due to the summer heat.  I really hope that this brunch becomes a norm at the Hyatt as it really is a fantastic option for family dining on Fridays!  You’ve got 3 weeks to try this buffet out before they close shop for the summer…I’d definitely make a reservation if you’re planning on attending as they were quite busy even on the first week of this promotion. (Tel: +968-2464-1234)

2 responses to “The Friday “Beverly Hills Brunch” at Grand Hyatt!

  1. Looks good, apart from the scary clown.

    • Haha! Don’t worry, Daniel. He (or she?) doesn’t bite! It was just at the moment that I clicked the pic that the clown’s smile seemed to wear off. Don’t let a “scary clown” keep you from enjoying a fine buffet! 😉

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