Have a Happy & Safe 3-Day Weekend!

3 day weekend  3 cheers for His Majesty for declaring Thursday, May 2nd as an official holiday, giving us a 3-day weekend!  Starting May 1st, the Omani weekend has officially changed from Thursday-Friday to Friday-Saturday.  The problem is that it was looking like this week was going to be a 6-day work week for many until the announcement by the government. 

The Sultanate has seen some crazy weather for more than a week now, so please stay safe out there! Here’s a report from BBC Weather on the “violent episodes of weather” here in the Sultanate.   Here’s a video from Fanja taken by an Omani youtuber on April 29th to give you an idea of just how fast wadis can fill up with water with even moderate rains here in the Sultanate:  If that video didn’t give you enough of a taste for the rain we’ve experienced here in Oman, this album from Y-Magazine titled “All Washed Up” ought to do the trick.

 Today was such a sunny day and now suddenly at 3pm dark clouds are once again forming in the sky and I even heard thunder.  Here’s a quick video to give you an idea of the strength of the winds and rain, looking out our front door in Mawaleh just after 7pm this evening: Have fun this weekend, but stay safe, folks!

2 responses to “Have a Happy & Safe 3-Day Weekend!

  1. Our Alley became like a river!

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