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i foood “Digital Food Cafe”, 18 November Street, Azaiba

i foood   Yes, it’s called “i foood“.  No, that’s not a typo and I’m not sure why they’ve added that extra “o“. Maybe it stands for “O, that was a decent place” or “O, the bill’s quite low!” or “O, my! Why did we wait so long to try this place?!”  This tiny restaurant is on 18 November Street just down the road from the Sultan Center (on the same side).digital menu  I guess these digital menus make this a “digital food cafe”.  I’m not sure about their claim to be “the Middle East’s first digital cafe” though!  (Especially since this place has only been open about 7 months.)  I guess it’s a kind of marketing gimmick as you can just as easily order from the waiter as we did!what is i foood  This is the first page of the i foood menu which explains what i foood is and their “3 simple steps” of ordering: 1) Choose the dish, 2) Add ingredients, 3) Choose sauce or cooking style.i foood seating  This is partly what the small restaurant looks like.  There are 4 such tables which can seat 6 people per table, making a grand seating capacity of 24.bread sticks and oil  Bread sticks and oil as you check out the menu and wait for your food. (or should I say “foood“?! 🙂 )i foood entertainer coupon  One of the main reasons for checking out this restaurant is that they have a page with 3 coupons for this restaurant in the 2013 Entertainer Oman.page 2 of menu  Page 2 of the menu with Doners, “Favourites” and Fritesmixed doner  I really enjoyed my Mixed Doner on Pita Bread with Garlic Mayonnaise (1.9 OR).  I like how they give you extra sauce in a dish even though they already put plenty of sauce in your doner just in case you’d like more!page 3 of menu  Page 3 of the menu containing Wraps and Grillsi foood platter   My wife wanted to try the i foood Platter pictured here (5.2 OR).  It’s their specialty dish and well worth a try!  We had ours with Tandoori Naan, mini yogurt and sweet chilli mayonnaise.  Needless to say, we did not finish all our food and had to take some back home with us.page 4 of menu  Page 4 of the menu consisting of Pizzas and dishes from the Wok  (Oddly enough, we didn’t plan on ordering an item from each page of the menu, but it just worked out that way! 😉 )Canton Noodles  Canton Noodles! Another fine choice by Mrs. Brown! Surprising that this delicious dish cost only 800 baizas!!! (500 for the noodles themselves and 300 for oyster sauce added)page 5 of menu   The 5th and final page of the menu containing Pastas, Salads, Desserts (not “deserts”… 😉 ) and Drinksjuice  The Mixed Berries (2.5 OR)  pictured here was SO delicious! The menu states that “At i foood we serve everything fresh” and this was definitely true of the juice!chocolate bomb  The Chocolate Bomb (2 OR) was a great way to end our meal!  Our total bill before coupon came to 16.352 OR for all the food listed in this blogpost + 1 small water.  After using the Entertainer Oman Coupon, the bill was only 14.224 OR. (They add 12% tax to the bill.)  Not bad at all for the feast we enjoyed!the gents of i foood  Here are the gentlemen of i foood: Dian, Philip, Nripin, Sujan and Roni.  Great service and very helpful in describing the menu and how i foood works.  Believe it or not, 2 of these men even insisted on carrying our bags and baby stroller right to the car for us.  Talk about over-the-top service! 🙂

Have any of you been to i foood?  If so, how was your experience?  They are open 12pm-3pm and then 5pm-1am.  (New timings of 8am-3pm and 5pm-12am are coming soon.)  i foood delivers within Al Khuwair, Ghubra and up to and including the Wave. (Tel: +968-24121114)  You can check them out on facebook to see delicious pics of their food at http://www.facebook.com/ifood.muscat