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Breakfast at PAUL, Muscat Grand Mall

entrance of Paul  PAUL is a lovely French bakery/café/restaurant on the 1st floor of Muscat Grand Mall (MGM).  They’ve been open about a month now and so we wanted to see this restaurant that everyone seems to be talking about for ourselves.bread at front counter  Plenty of options for bread at the front counteryummy treat at Paul  These pastries look incredible! Just look at the amount of fruit heaped on top!  I’ll have to try some of these out on a future visit.PAUL breakfast menu  When we went to PAUL, we were thinking lunch but we were too early and had to settle for breakfast.  There are different menus for breakfast and lunch/dinner.  As the menu states on the bottom, you can find out more about PAUL by visiting www.paul-bakeries.com or you can like them on www.facebook/PAUL1889.arabia .side room  Plenty of seating options at PAUL. I didn’t get a photo of it, but the front of the restaurant has a good number of tables.  This pic (just above) is of the smaller room situated between the front and the back, outdoor seating area.outdoor seating  Not sure how much longer sitting outdoors will be an option with summer fast approaching.eggs and sandwiches  The “bacon” on the menu is veal bacon which is often used as a pork-free substitude for regular bacon.  This first page of the breakfast menu contains eggs, sandwiches and crêpes.  As with any pic on this blog, you just have to click on it to get the high resolution (and larger) image.omelette  My wife and our guest chose the Marseillaise Omelette (3.9 OR) on our first visit to PAUL while the sister-in-law had scrambled eggs (4.2 OR).  I had the Breakfast Complete (6.9 OR).  No complaints about the food!our table  We all enjoyed our breakfast at PAUL.  I’m still not sure if the Bread Basket comes complimentary to each table or if it was part of the Breakfast Complete.  Large 1.5 Evian (1.7 OR), Hot Chocolate (1.8 OR).next page of breakfast menu  Breakfast combo choices like “Parisien”, “Continental” or “Complete breakfast”.  Viennoiseries (meaning “things of Vienna”) is a new word for me! There were moments of reading the menu where I felt like I was back in a French class! 😉 “Nos pains, nos gains”, haha! They might want to consider making the menu more in English (like translating “pain” into “bread” as one quick example) to avoid what I imagine must be plenty of questions regarding translation from customers.delicious pastry  This was a delicious pastry or “viennoiserie” (Anglaise Apple) that I chose with my continental breakfast.beverage pagemy wifes juice  My wife thought the Red Berry Mint Juice (2.4) was sour.MGM and PAUL  As you can see, PAUL is located near the front of MGM on the first floor.PAUL contact info  Seems that PAUL in Oman is so new that they still haven’t added Oman to the list of Middle East locations on their website!a little more about PAUL    We thought it was a decent place overall and the food was good but service could be better.  Maybe it’s because they were so busy, but service was quite slow.  Our bill came to 27.032 OR which included 2.232 OR (5% municipal and 4% tourism) tax.  We are looking forward to trying out their lunch/dinner when we get a chance.  (Tel: +968-2200-9583, +968-2200-9584)   Have any of you been to PAUL? If so, how did you find it?

Once Again Blaming and Demonizing the US and International Community

latest yaseen al khaleel comic  The latest Yaseen Al Khaleel “political comic” from Oman Tribune, May 10th, 2013.  Even when more than 90,000 Syrians have been killed by other Syrians, people will still manage to blame the US and “the International Community”.  Notice the demonic shadows.  This is one of the tamer comics I’ve seen by Yaseen Al Khaleel who is popular with such comics in Al Watan and Oman Tribune.

Daiso Japan, Muscat Grand Mall

Daiso Muscat entrance  The Daiso Japan store in Muscat Grand Mall (MGM) is huge and worth walking through if you happen to be in MGM with some time to kill.plenty of products  If you’ve never heard of “Daiso” you might like to check out their English website here.shop till you drop  All items in the store are 700 baizas or about $1.80 US.  When I enter a Daiso store, I always think about a similar chain of stores we have in Canada called “the Great Canadian Dollar Store“.other Daisos in Oman  It’s nice that they have informative posters like this in the shop letting you know that there are 2 other Daiso locations in Oman: Ruwi and Salalah. I wasn’t aware of the one in Salalah.

lots of cheap Japanese toys  All kinds of interesting toys and gadgets in Daiso.so many shelves   I wrote a blogpost about the Daiso shop in Ruwi almost exactly 4 years ago (at that time items were 600 baizas) and this shop in MGM is much bigger.computer items  I was surprised to see that they even have computer items like ipod silicone jackets and LAN cables as you can see pictured here.  Remember that items come and go and you can never be sure that the same item will be there on your next visit.  They do this to encourage repeat visits.another aisle  Daiso MGM opened up about 8 months ago in September of 2012.banana holderdo it yourself productsrefrigerant gel bottle  We bought several of these for our cooler for picnics, outings or camping.many items to explorerat traps  They usually have interesting and entertaining cartoons on most of their items.origami  What Japanese store would be complete without Origami?!protective sheetgnomes dogs and frogsbubble trinkets for kiddiesquite a large storedaiso store window  What do you think of Daiso stores?  Are they full of cheap, useless junk or are these stores a lot of fun exploring?