Anyone Know Why Oman Forum is “Suspended”?

oman forum suspended  This is the page I get when I try accessing the popular Oman Forum at .  It’s been like this since the middle of last week.  Anyone know why this hugely popular forum with so much helpful info on Oman has been suspended? 

It wasn’t long ago that the other popular forum, English Sablah, was hacked by “Anonymous from Iraq”.  If you go there, you’ll see this image with loud Arabic music in the background:english sabla hacked  What’s happening to the forums in Oman? What are good sites to get up to date info?

19 responses to “Anyone Know Why Oman Forum is “Suspended”?

  1. I have run into a couple of suspended sites, too. I guess they didn’t read the WordPress Terms of Service and proceeded to violate them.

  2. they might have not paid their hosting bill
    god bless

  3. These days, all I read is “Muscat – where can I find?” 🙂 (news of the day: apparently they are building a Dragon Mart in Barka!)

  4. I wonder why ??

  5. maybe the guys running it lost interest. Traffic was dwindling and the most common conversations were along the lines of ‘is this salary good?’ over and over. Decent topics would rarely sustain a discussion. Perhaps Twitter has taken over.

    • Agreed to you with bottom of my heart. Most commonly discussed topic every other day was ‘cost of living’ and ‘is my salary enough’.

      Honestly the forum had turned into a pale and dull place without much of the interaction. Well every user can say that expecting other one to launch some interesting topic. But then fact remained so. Hope it is back with bang.

  6. Has anyone managed to contact Neo, the founder of Omanforum, to ask him why it has been suspended? It happened very suddenly and there must be about 10,000 disappointed members of OF. The forum was very popular and had a lot of traffic each day. I find it very strange there was no explanation of any difficulties beforehand from the administrators.

  7. Now it’s time to create our new ” forum”.Would anybody be interested in participating as Admin or Moderator?

  8. A few days ago I emailed the two addresses I discovered for the founder/administrator of Omanforum and asked what was happening. So, far I have not received a response.

  9. I received an email message this morning from the founder of Omanforum who informed me that he has been very busy of late and didn’t realise it had been suspended. Apparently, he is working on it now and he hopes Omanforum will soon be back for the benefit of its members.

  10. Yes, we are all grateful to Rosalind for her efforts in getting back online Omanforum. It was the first Omani English discussion board back in the year 2000 when the internet usage by all Oman was a paltry 3%. Read here more to learn about its past,

    BTW Andy, you mixing up 2 very different individuals. Mti & Muscati.

  11. G’Day mates, Nice to see it back 🙂

  12. It isn’t hacked. When a website gets this message it means there was technical issues with the server. it can be the high pressure on a server or sending email spam from server or any other issue that cause the server go under pressure. The system automatically will suspend a hosting account. this also can be done by a hosting administrator.

  13. looks like it’s down again for quite a long time. Any idea if it is going to come back?

    • No-one knows what happened with Omanforum.  It seems that all emails, texts etc to the owner of the site have gone unanswered.  The last time I was able to log on to Omanforum was in March.  There was no warning it would close. 

      Maybe it has gone for good this time.  That is a shame as there were a huge number of members and many guests who are, no doubt disappointed.

  14. Been a member for almost 10 year and is sad to see it go. A big hi to all the ‘ex-memebers’ 😀 (Big_Joe)

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