Homeland – Season One

Homeland cover  Finally found Homeland Season One!  It was for sale at Carrefour MCC for 19 OR.  I managed to watch 3 episodes on Graboid before that scam website managed to give my computer a virus.  This series had me hooked right from the pilot and I can’t wait to watch all 12 episodes.back cover description  I’m not surprised that this comes from the Producers of “24” as that is probably my all time favorite TV series of all time.  We own all 8 series of 24 except for season 7 which we’re having a hard time finding in stores here (even though we’ve seen it).more info on Homeland DVD  Nice to see all special features included on this 4-disc set, especially a prologue to season 2, which aired Sep-Dec 2012 and is not yet available for order from Amazon but you can pre-order it and have it shipped to you once it’s available

Anyone else out there enjoy this series?  Another series that I’ll be keeping my eye out for is Justified.  We believe that Sultan Center in Qurum has the most options for TV series.  Where are your favorite places to get movies and/or TV series in Muscat?  What are some series that you’ve enjoyed and recommend?

Here’s good news for “24 fans”.  Even though Season 8 was supposed to be the final season, due to popular demand they are coming out with Season 9 titled “Live Another Day”!!!  Read all about it here.

9 responses to “Homeland – Season One

  1. Season 2 is even better, your eyes are in for a treat.

  2. I usually “buy” it at eztv.it 😀 But a good series indeed!

  3. Homeland is totally addictive. Can’t wait for September to watch Season 3 via VPN and our friend’s showtime account.

  4. Couldn’t agree more!! Watched it again last month and being in Oman even understood some of the Arabic!! Glad to see Oman mentioned as a safe house in the first episode, Brilliant and addictive, Can’t wait for the next set of programmes. Of course, I’m no good for recommending best buying places; I get the DVDs in UK but happy to share with anyone..

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