Back to the Aquarium, Damaniyat Islands (Dive #22)

Aquarium pic 1  I was glad to return to “Aquarium” divesite especially now that I had my new Canon D20 to capture some of the awesomeness of this site.  This was my 2nd time to Aquarium; my first time was immediately after being PADI Open Water qualified.Open Waters and Advanced  Speaking of my licenses, can you believe that I have only just now received my cards in the mail this week: Open Waters more than 8 months after qualifying (Aug 23) and my Advanced Open Waters (Nov 1) more than 7 months later…Aquarium pic 2  Ahmed, an instructor from Global Scuba, helping out a young Indian diver on his first ocean dive after getting his Open WatersAquarium pic 3  There were plenty of these fish swimming all around us right from the moment we hit the water!Aquarium pic 4Aquarium pic 5  “Calamari”- You can see one of these creatures “hovering” in the video at the end of this blogpost.Aquarium pic 6Aquarium pic 7Aquarium pic 8Aquarium pic 9  It was sad to see this dead turtle during our dive.  There was no indication as to what caused its death.Aquarium pic 10  They have these nets over large parts of the coral reef at Aquarium.  I’m not sure if they are old, discarded fishing nets or it’s something to protect the reef.Aquarium pic 11Aquarium pic 12Aquarium pic 13  Plenty of schools of fish at the Aquarium!Aquarium pic 14  2 young brothers who both attend ABA.Aquarium pic 15  Always dozens of moral eels to see at the Damaniyats.Aquarium pic 16  The Italian gentleman we were diving with, Antonio, kept trying to touch things.  I kept waiting for something like this moral eel to bite him.  Here’s a closer look at what he’s putting his hand near:Aquarium pic 16 closeupAquarium pic 18Aquarium pic 18 closeup  Here is a video combining 29 short clips that I took on this dive: Maximum depth was 17 meters and bottom time of one hour.

7 responses to “Back to the Aquarium, Damaniyat Islands (Dive #22)

  1. My Tropical Home

    These shots are just awesome. Congratulations again on getting your licenses. Have you gone diving here yet?

    • Thanks, Mary! It’s a gorgeous spot. And thanks for the congrats on the licenses; diving in Oman during this last year has really opened up a whole new world of beauty for me here in the Sultanate! I haven’t been diving in the Philippine yet, but we did some snorkelling in Boracay which was lovely. My wife is planning on using my diving hobby as a great excuse to look around at some fine 5-star resorts for this summer. No complaints here! 🙂

      • My Tropical Home

        I was typing a reply to your nice comment when my reply suddenly disappeared! Anyways, I have friends who dive and even got an offer to be taught. Its on my Twenty Wishes List to learn how to scuba dive and hopefully happening soon. Happy diving!

  2. This looks like an amazing time, so beautiful. Thanks for posting all of this!


    • Hi ML,
      Glad you enjoyed the post. I used to love your father’s blog from Korea but I notice that it’s a protected blog now. That’s a shame. It was a real treat to read as a father. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hello there andy!! Did you need a licence to dive there?? Beautiful shots 😉

    • Hi Ali,
      Yes, you definitely need a license to dive anywhere in Oman. It’s a safety issue. There is always the possibility of diving without a license but under the watchful eye of one of the instructors – known as “Discovery Scuba”. It’s a bit more than regular dives. (Like 50 OR for 2 dives rather than 40 for licensed folks I’m guessing, but you’d have to check such options with whatever diving outfit you plan to go out with.) I know a few people who have gone diving a few times this way and haven’t decided to go for their license just yet. Glad you enjoyed the shots from the Aquarium! 🙂

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