Pervert + Spycam = 3 Year Prison Term + 5,000 OR Fine

filthy idea                           It’s good to hear some follow-up about someone arrested here in the Sultanate for a change!  The pervert who set up a spycam in Khoula hospital was an employee!  They found more than 30 video clips on his computer.  Imagine if you (or your wife or daughter!) were one of the people recorded by this sicko.  Nasty!  The court sentenced him to 3 years in prison in addition to a 5,000 rial fine (or about $13,000 US).  Read about all the details here in yesterday’s Times of Oman article written by Fahad al Mukrashi.  Now if only they would inform the public about the verdict concerning the 5 monsters that gang-raped the Asian lady in Sohar in March

Ecclesiastes 8:11 Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed speedily, the heart of the children of man is fully set to do evil.

7 responses to “Pervert + Spycam = 3 Year Prison Term + 5,000 OR Fine

  1. Justice served! This is good news for everyone, glad they caught him and punished him!


  2. ecclesiastes 8:11 SO TRUE


  3. Can’t help but wonder if he was some poor batchelor expat that hadn’t had contact with a female in months….that can do funny things to a bloke……

  4. Blewyn, that’s no excuse! Can’t believe u just said that…

  5. Didn’t say it was an excuse, but I will say that if you force someone to endure separation from the opposite sex for an unnaturally long time (especially if they’re from a culture that’s non-segregated) then they start to experience rather strong urges, which tends to encourage rationalisation of behaviour that would otherwise be less likely to take place. I would also point out that a man taking an interest in women is not ‘perverted’…it is in fact the opposite…perfectly natural. Of course this particular bloke may have a slight perversion in the sense that he gets more satisfaction from observing surreptitiously than from actually engaging with a woman, but that’s hardly a severe perversion.

    The act he committed is wrong whether the woman being observed is your sister, wife or a complete stranger. The observed woman’s relationship to me makes no difference whatsoever to the nature of the act. Something is wrong if it is wrong, not wrong if it happens to your family member but OK if it happens to someone else. Really, that’s quite a creepy thing to say “what if it was YOUR sister” etc etc. To hell with other people eh ?

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