Expats, “Don’t Rock the Boat!”

UAE expats are advised not to “rock the boat” as published in the Gulf News. I guess that could be said to expats in any of the GCC countries, including Oman!  This warning automatically brought this song to mind:  Please, don’t you rock my boat.  ‘Cause I don’t want my boat to be rocked!”

2 responses to “Expats, “Don’t Rock the Boat!”

  1. I agree—even as someone becomming Omani, as I wasn’t born Omani, there’s things I will just advise against but not attempt to change. For example, I was not born here. I wear the face veil but I won’t campaign to have SQU allow me the right to wear it, as I would in Canada. It isn’t my right here, as it would be there. I can say many things that I believe would be for the better of Oman (the veil not being one of them) that many expats would agree with, like greater freedoms in terms of speech and cutting corruption… but at the end of the day, I am not Omani. It is not my place. Arab women need to stand up themselves and take their rights from anyone misogynist. Not me for them. Muslim women need to take back their rights from governments that try choose what is good for them or not, but it should be the citizen versus her government ect…. Omani men and women need to say I won’t take this and this is wrong of wasta, tribalism, racism, ect… expats… no matter what we do or say.. we aren’t the ones the changes will change so it isn’t really for us beyong advising.

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