“Maid to Suffer” in Y-Oman Magazine

Sad that there are countless stories like this, not only in Oman, but all across the Middle East.maid1     Kudos to Y-Oman for telling it like it is.  The fact that even one vulnerable girl would be used and abused like this and the sponsor would get away with it should make someone’s blood boil!

11 responses to ““Maid to Suffer” in Y-Oman Magazine

  1. A few months back I spotted at the airport at immigration desk many many young girls.They’re all from Ethiopia and were sent as maid to their new families.The picture was very sad; you could see the fear on the girls’ faces.They looked very young,trust me, many of them were under age. Apparently the agencies provide wrong information about the maids and always say they’re older.As a ”slaves” they’re forced to work 7 days a week with one day a month as a rest day.Guess how many has been raped.
    Without the language,without passport,without their rights.

  2. A similar story on maid abuse was in Y 2 years ago

  3. I don’t like that the photo used is of a woman covering her face, which further enforces the stereotype that women who cover their faces are abused or not given their rights. But it makes me angry whenever a housemaid is treated horribly or abused.

  4. Glad to see you’ve got your priorities straight 😮 sheeeesh….the raping young girls is bad but what really bothers you is “stereotyping” women who cover their faces.

  5. Blewyn: of course, that is horrible, but that stereotyping affects my life. Rape is horrible. My comment is on a secondary issue. But the maids who come here never ever wear niqab (face veil). So why bother with that? Is that an actual representation of the crime? No, it isn’t—it represents something else entirely. Something that causes people to abuse women like me—or to threaten to rape me if I don’t take off my veil. I don’t like orientalist use of the image. While I am proud of Y for covering the story I am horrified they used an image that reinforces negative stereotypes for dramatic affect. The story itself is dramatic enough. Horrible, beyond words, horrible. Something should and must be done. But the use of the photograph is wrong and that also must be said. My priorities of course would be helping such women. But my priority to the magazine, after congratulating them for covering the story, is to admonish the use of such a horrible stereotype for an image (that does not represent the plight of Ethiopian housemaids OR rape victims).

  6. Andy, where art thou? 😦

  7. Andy, where art thou? 😦 Hope all is well

  8. Just found that you’re in the Philippines on your twitter account. Phew, It’s a relief that you’re well! I see you removed the Philippines blog from your blogroll? I found it on google, but “Andy in the Philippines” isn’t active.

  9. Actually this happens all around the world not just in the Middle East….

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