When Lakes Meet Oceans Exhibition by Matti Sirvio

ImageThursday, Oct. 24th was the opening of Pastor Matti Sirvio’s exhibition “When Lakes Meet Oceans” which was inaugurated by Her Highness Sayyida Basma Al Said at Ghalya’s Museum of Modern Art.  A big thanks to the Museum for permission to post this pic! 🙂  I’ve posted about Ghalya’s Museum of Modern Art before in this blogpost.Image If you haven’t been to the museum, which is along the Muttrah Corniche, you might want to go check it out (9:30am-6pm daily) during Matti’s exhibition which runs until November 8th.ImageHere is Pastor Matti in front of his painting, “Tree Full of Apples“”, which sells for 1200 OR.  In total, there are 26 painting on display ranging from 500 OR to 1500 OR.  Opening night was a huge success with 7 paintings already sold.    Here’s some info taken from the exhibition brochure:Image

Image                                  This painting, “Dogs Bark The Caravan Moves On” (1200 OR) is one of my favorites.  To see the other 24, you’ll have to head down to the museum! 😉ImageThe talented Markku Polyhonen (also from Finland) performed a piano recital at 8pm to entertain the group of art lovers, friends and supporters.  It really was a great evening out that was beautifully hosted by Ghalya’s Museum!  As with most of these events, it was also a great chance to socialize with some fantastic people like these gents:ImageMatti did it right.  If you are ever going to open an art exhibition in Muscat, these 2 gentlemen should be on the top of the list for invitations: Abdullah Al Busaidi (Communication and Public Relations Manager for Bait Al Zubair Museum/Foundation) and Ibrahim Gailani (artist extraordinaire).  Not only do they know their art, they are true socialites that make such events a real joy to attend.

Let me close by sharing this nicely written piece by an unnamed staff reporter from the Times of Oman titled “Finnish Artist Paints Oman’s Vibrant Beauty on Canvas“.  Nice pic of Pastor Matti Sirvio next to one of his first paintings from Oman!Image (photo credit: Times of Oman)

Other pieces of work from Matti can be viewed at this website.  He can also be contacted at www.armoa.blogspot.com.


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