Win 2 VIP Tickets to Red Bull Car Park Drift Event This Saturday!

Abdo Feghali - ActionInterested in attending the sure-to-be awesome Red Bull Car Park Drift event this weekend? (Saturday, Nov. 2nd – starts 2pm)  How would you like to enjoy some of the best views in the VIP area along with a friend?  Well Red Bull is offering 2 free VIP tickets in a competition exclusively for viewers of this blog.Competitor - Action This competition is twitter based (in order to get the newly created Red Bull in Oman twitter account up and rolling).  To enter into the competition, just go to twitter and tag @RedBullOman with the hashtag #AndyinOman (here:  (just to tell the difference between other competitions that are going on with Nawras and Y magazine).  I’ve been to several Red Bull events in Oman in the past few years and there is nothing like being in their VIP area!  The winner of 2 VIP tickets will be notified after the draw and his or her name (+ 1 guest) will automatically be added to the VIP list which is checked for anyone wishing to enter the VIP area.)Abdo Feghali - LifestyleDon’t be one of those who may look back after the weekend and regret not attending this event after hearing about how much fun it was.  Put your name in for the draw (not here on the blog but on twitter!)  and be one of the fortunate few able to watch the drifting action in real style! 🙂 Of course the event is open to everyone and it should be good fun no matter where you stand.

4 responses to “Win 2 VIP Tickets to Red Bull Car Park Drift Event This Saturday!

  1. Twitter handle @redbulinoman is not appearing in search.Regards

    • Ashish,
      It’s @redbulloman (2 L’s in “redbull”!). Also, my apologies for writing the incorrect handle – The handle has no “in”! I have corrected the blogpost. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Good luck, Ashish! Kind regards.

  2. What is with this VIP culture in Oman? All these events, drifting, go grating, golfing, sailing only cater to VIP customers. There is private parking, good views of the events, catering, sometimes even a bar. No information on how you become a VIP is ever provided. The rest of the plebcite are permitted entry to the event, have to park miles way, get no shade, poor view, no catering and are treated like cattle.

    • Why focus only on Oman? Why is there a VIP culture anywhere? Every popular event or concert has VIP (or 1st class) seating versus regular (lower priced) seating. Look at airplane seating, for example. In the case of Red Bull events, I would hardly call being treated to world class entertainment at absolutely no cost as “being treated like cattle”. They mostly have such areas for “media” and they have even thought of changing the name of such areas to “Friends Area” or something like that so that people (such as yourself perhaps) don’t get the wrong idea about “VIP tickets”.

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