Daily Archives: November 4, 2013

Will Omantel EVER Get it Right?!?!

My problems with Omantel go back years here in the Sultanate.  First, it took weeks and weeks to get the internet set up in our apartment.  Then there was a problem because they managed to set up TWO ACCOUNTS in my name.  After more than 5 visits to their main office on the Nizwa Road and countless phonecalls, it SEEMED to be fixed.  Guess again!  The internet at our house has been shut down once again.  I STILL get 2 bills every month in the mail: one that is correct and up to date and another that continues to add another 20 rials to this mysterious 2nd account that refuses to die and is now at something like 280 OR (or around $700 US).  Every time I visit their office, they tell me not to worry; that the account has been closed and just to ignore such bills.  Once again, I will have to take hours out of my busy schedule to visit the billing department on the 4th floor and have someone look me in the eye and say, “Yes, your problem has been solved. No problem. You can be sure it’s solved!”  “Annoying” falls so short in trying to describe the frustration of dealing with this issue!

update 3 days later: I’m back on line! Big thanks to Mohammed Al Juma for sorting out the problems with the line, Khalid (the technician) for  sorting out the configuration problems once Mohammed took care of the line and also a big thanks to Adil Al Areimi (in the billing department at Omantel HQ) for constantly keeping me updated on the cell-phone.  There is hope for Omantel yet!  🙂  I was seriously impressed with these 3 men and their efforts to help.