Go-Grill, Muscat Grand Mall

ImageGo-Grill is a great new option for eating in the Muscat Grand Mall (MGM) food court.  They’ve been open a little over 2 months now they told us.  A poster on the back wall explains how it works:how go grill worksgo grill in MGM foodcourtchoose your veggiesAt the far left are silver dishes where you put all the food you want grilled.  First you choose your veggies.  There are tongs available for you to choose yourself or you can let the people working there gather the food you point out as they guide you.seafood meat and noodlesAfter the veggies, you choose seafood, noodles and meat you want to add to your plate.weigh and payThe next step is to weigh and pay.  As the poster states, all food (regardless of what you choose) costs 800 baizas per 100 grams.  So this pre-cooked plate of food you see in the pic at a cost of 3.3 OR was actually 411 grams.available sauces7 available sauces.  For my first plate at Go-Grill, I chose Teriyaki as did my wife.Grill it up GentsFor the final step, sit back and relax while they grill it up for you!  Here are our plates which we all enjoyed immensely:daddys plateThis was my plate.  At 527 grams, it came to 4.2 OR + 1 pepsi (300 baizas) = 4.5 OR.  It was delicious!mommys plateThis was my wife’s plate.  At 414 grams, it came to 3.3 OR + 1 plate of rice (300 baizas) + mountain dew (300) = 3.9 OR.Titas plateThis final plate was for Aunt (Tita) Tess.  At 411 grams, hers cost 3.3 OR. With mountain dew, it came to 3.6 OR.  She chose the Sweet and Sour sauce and loved her dish.go grill gentsAll of us were pleased with our meal at Go-Grill.  We look forward to our next visit! Have any of you been to Go-Grill?  If so, what did you think of the food/place?  This place goes to show you that you don’t need to bust the bank to enjoy a nice meal out with the family in Muscat! 🙂


7 responses to “Go-Grill, Muscat Grand Mall

  1. Fahmy Al Harmaly

    Dear Andy,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on your review and great photos.
    Due to your review am gonna offer 10% discount on any customer who shows the counter this blog by print or from their mobile and I will appreciate if will get more feedback by commenting below on their experience at Go Grill.
    This offer will be valid in the month of November 2013.

    Best rgds
    Go Grill owner

  2. Dear Fahmy,

    Wow! Sometimes I get a comment from a restaurant manager, but to hear from the owner is something else. That’s a very generous offer, to give a 10% discount to any customer who reads this blog. I wish more restaurant owners would take such initiative as you have done by providing this generous offer. All the best to you, your family and your staff. We wish you nothing but success with Go-Grill. It is one more great choice available for those eating out here in Muscat!

  3. I liked their stuff too. Not greasy like most places around the same price range.

  4. Where is the new location of Go-grill now? I came in muscat grand mall yesterday but your branch was not there already.

  5. May i know where is your branch jn muscat? Your are not in muscat grand mall.😔 Thank you

  6. It is not there anymore. i looked around for it and it seems that it has been closed for a while already.

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