Palayok (Hot Plate) Restaurant, Al Khuwair

Image  Palayok is a Filipino restaurant in Al-Khuwair behind McDonald’s and the Shell Station.  The first (and still operating) Palayok is located in Ruwi which has been doing well with the Filipino community in Muscat since the 80’s.  I can’t figure out what took us so long to finally visit this restaurant.  I guess there are just too many restaurants in Muscat and not enough time to visit them all!  🙂  Of course my Filipino wife and sister-in-law were thrilled when I suggested eating there after church on Friday.Image The restaurant is pretty basic inside.  I was prepared for the worst as I remembered that OmaniCuisine had put up one of his worst reviews ever for this restaurant about a year ago.  That review might have been one of the reasons it has taken me so long to visit this place…I’m glad we did manage to finally check it out for ourselves as it was a decent enough restaurant and my wife was excited with the choices of so many Filipino dishes!Image This is a small bowl of Seafood Bisque Soup (1.5 OR).  The small bowl was quite a large serving!  Pretty good soup.  Looks like a regular cream soup but all the good seafood bits are obviously hiding on the bottom!  Here are other soups and salads available at Palayok:Image As often with my restaurant reviews, I have included the majority of the menu (minus the drinks) for those who like to know exactly what is available.Image This was my favorite dish by far – Stir Fry Beef with Mushrooms (2.8).  This was so great to eat poured over a plate of rice!ImageImageImage  Tita Tet really enjoyed the Zizzling Mix Sea Food (6 OR).ImageImageI certainly wouldn’t have thought of ordering something called “Ginataang Tilapia with Sitaw” (2.8 OR) (or even known how to pronounce it!) but this was a decent choice by the ladies.  (Fish with coconut milk basically)  I recommend ordering up a large plate of rice (.8 OR) if you order any of these dishes, especially if you are a group of 3 or more people.ImageImageImage Tita was happy to finally try out Palayok in Al Khuwair.  She’s been to Palayok in Ruwi but this was her first visit to the one in Al Khuwair which she said is much larger.

Overall, the family thought this was a great lunch.  For all the food we ordered pictured above plus a take-away spagetti for the kids, 2 cokes and a large water (+10% service charge), our bill came to 19.25 OR.  Not bad!  When one is limited to choices for Filipino cuisine here in Muscat, we are certainly not going to be too fussy! 🙂  Try it out for yourself and feel free to share your experience below in the comments.

Palayok in Al-Khuwair is open from 10am to midnight each day.  They cater for birthdays, weddings, baptisms, anniversaries and other functions.  For home delivery, reservation and party orders, call +968 220-244-68 or 941-182-89.  Email:


10 responses to “Palayok (Hot Plate) Restaurant, Al Khuwair

  1. Hey Andy, glad to hear that you had a positive experience at this restaurant, might give it another shot in the future.

    • Hi, Riyadh!
      Good to see your comment. Do give it another try. Maybe best to go with a Filipino friend who can help you select items on the menu. We should do a group review of a place sometime or something cool like the “icecream taste-off” you did years ago! Cheers!

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  3. I’m going here on Thursday for the first time. Have to train myself ahead of a holiday in March 😀

    • Please let us know about your experience, Daniel! Heading to the Philippines in March?! Lucky you! 🙂 Have you tried Chow King in Qurum City Centre which also serves Filipino food?

      • I have, a few times. Quite like it, although my fav there is the Indonesian chicken skewer dish. I forget the name. We are headed to the northern part of the Philippines in March, Manila/Luzon/Boracay (hopefully), my first time there. VERY excited.

        • Boracay is awesome! If you haven’t already booked a hotel, we really loved Microtel. You can’t beat that hotel for location, price and comfort. We stayed at something like 7 different resorts on Boracay and were there for 1 month – Microtel being our favorite.

  4. Finally, same with us guys, we visited Palayok like last month only, our first time as well in Al Khuwair branch. Anyway we said we can cook these foods at home, so we didn’t bother eating in this resto but really happy that we finally tried it. Our favorites are the kare-kare and the butter chicken (fried chicken with sauce poured on it).. those will never be missed when we dine there.. haha!

    • Hi, Tintin!
      I’m surprised that you and the family waited as late as we did to visit Palayok. I thought it was every good Filipino in Oman’s duty to visit this Filipino restaurant ASAP, haha! It’s interesting to read all the comments on omanicuisine’s review of Palayok. Many Filipinos seem to think that criticizing a Filipino restaurant is akin to attacking the Philippines! We’ll be sure to try the 2 dishes you recommend on our next visit. Blessings!

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