1500 Posts on the Blog and Stats are Booming!


Last night’s post on Palayok restaurant in Al Khuwair was the 1500th post on “Andy in Oman”!  (Someone sure does have a lot of freetime on his hands, haha! 😉 ) I also noticed that I now have well over 100 restaurant reviews out there which would explain the need to move up a belt notch or two…But enough about that as the mind is a terrible thing to waste waist is a terrible thing to mind!  Views have been increasing day by day since I’ve returned from blogging after a 5 month break.  Wordpress was kind enough to remind me of the increased views on the status update you see pictured above. Sweet! Thanks again, readers.  No one is more surprised by the success of this blog than I am!  Numbers shouldn’t be the ultimate motivation behind a blog, but it’s obviously a great encouragement to see that so many are checking in! 🙂

6 responses to “1500 Posts on the Blog and Stats are Booming!

  1. Great endeavour Andy, Keep Blogging!

  2. Way to go Andy! Mabrook. Heres to a 1500 more, at least!

  3. I used to read your blogs before I came to Oman.Andy,thanks to your posts you gave me more less the idea what is Oman about and what can I expected here.Keep blogging and let the people informed.All the best to&your family!

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