Golden Sheep Restaurant & Coffee Shop, Ghala

ImageSome of the best and cheapest eating options in Muscat are these simple shwarma coffee-shop joints that you can find just about anywhere.  There are literally hundreds around town and some are better than others.  The Golden Sheep in Ghala (near Royal Hospital – across the street from the Toyota dealership and next to Pizza Hut) is one of the greats and just happens to be one of the oldest as well.front of menuThe Golden Sheep opened some 30 years ago in tribute to the opening of the Good Shepherd Hall just across the road.  That nugget of info comes from former pastor of the Protestant Church in Oman, Reverend Ray Skinner (and writer of “Christians in Oman“).                                    location of ghala church                                      (GSC stands for “Good Shepherd Hall” and BH for “Bosch Hall)soup at golden shepherdThis chicken and egg soup comes complimentary with anything you order and it’s great!breakfast and snackshumos and pita breadYou can never go wrong with humos (حمّص and pitta to start things off! This humos and pitta is 10 times better (and cheaper) than the skimpy serving you get at Nando’s!lunch itemssmall saladMost of the dishes on the menu come with this small salad.dinnerhalf chickenMy friend ordered the Half Chicken + Humos (2 OR) which he said was delicious. A plate like this for 2 OR?! You can’t beat prices like that, folks!juice and bevsGolden Sheep cocktailI really enjoyed the “Golden Sheep Cocktail garnished with ice cream & dried fruits” (1.2 OR).  It’s located in the “fresh juices” section but was obviously more like a tasty dessert!parties and pizzaGolden Sheep signSo in total, 3 of us enjoyed: 1 swarma sandwich, 1 hotdog sandwich, 1 half-chicken + humos, 1 plate of humos and bread, 1 Golden Sheep cocktail, and 2 Mountain Dews for only 5.2 OR!golden sheep coffe shopIf you’re ever in the Ghala area (near the Ghala Church), stop in and see why The Golden Sheep has now become my “go to place” in the area for a quick bite to eat!  Tel: 2459-3868. Free Home Delivery.


2 responses to “Golden Sheep Restaurant & Coffee Shop, Ghala

  1. I like their shish tawouks, could eat them all day! Some of the other stuff I am not so keen on..

  2. Daniel,
    I wasn’t even sure what a “shish tawouk” was until I googled it. Oh! Chicken kebab! Thanks for the recommendation. Will have to try it out! 🙂

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