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Amazing Sunset Shot from PDO Beach by Badar Al Lawati!

Amazing Sunset Shot from PDO Beach by Badar Al Lawati!From Badar Al Lawati Photography facebook page.  His comment for the photo read, “Yesterday’s sunset was just so amazing! I had a blast just sitting on the rocks and watching….but that was something i just had to take a snap of.”  Make sure to check out more of his photography on his facebook page. Thanks for letting me share this, Badar. Nice capture! 🙂

Reblog: 2 Omanis Shoot 19 People Around Muscat?!?!?!

Jason_Statham_in_chair                                                           I can’t believe that this hasn’t got more news coverage!  Here is a post from another local blog called “Oman Coast“:  “Two Omanis Shoot 19 People Around Muscat“. Shocking!  I’ve heard of quite a few cases of cats and dogs being injured and killed by hooligans with airguns in vicious drive by shootings.  I figure it isn’t much of a leap to go from being cruel to animals to being cruel to humans.  I certainly hope this will not be a growing trend!

“At The Top”, Burj Khalifa – Part 1 of 2

ImageI always knew that if I made it to Dubai, I’d have to try to get up to the observation deck on the 124th floor of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.  If you apply on-line at least 3 days in advance you only have to pay 125 AED (12.5 OR/$44US).immediate entry at the topIf you want to visit with little or no advance notice, you have to pay 400 AED (about $100 US!) for immediate entry admission.  One benefit of the immediate entry admission is that I didn’t have to wait in the long line but was directed to the elevator immediately.ImageAt the Top is located in the Dubai Mall, Lower Ground Level.  Just follow the signs.ImageAccess to the ticket counter and entrance is via the Dubai Mall, Lower Ground Level.  The closest Metro Station is Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall Station.  (Tel: 800 28 843 867)ImageThere is a bit of a walk until you reach the elevator with several interactive features along the way including: “Burj Among the Greats”, “Burj Around the World” and “Dubai Then and Now”.ImageImageImageImageImageI was there around 10am on Saturday morning and it wasn’t too crowded.  The views were spectacular!ImageImageImageImagethe world from burj khalifalook at that waterlooking down from burj khalifalooking across dubaiHere’s a short video of Dubai “At the Top” from my Powershot A810:

Check out part 2 (by clicking here) which includes High Definition video from my Canon EOS 550D.