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“The Man Behind Secret US-Iran Talks: Sultan Qaboos” (Christian Science Monitor)

Image                                                                            (pic from omannet.om)

Read this great tribune to the diplomacy of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos and how he was personally responsible for the US-Iran talks.  (Written by Christa Case Bryant)  Full article here: “The Man Behind Secret US-Iran Talks: Sultan Qaboos“.

More details about the role HM Sultan Qaboos and the Sultanate of Oman played in US-Iran secret diplomacy here in this article from Associated Press.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

ImageThis scene screamed out “UNEXPECTED” to me as I was shopping with the family in Carrefour Muscat City Centre this week.  I’m reminded of my 1st Christmas in Oman 6 years ago.  I think it’s safe to say that almost no one coming to Oman for the first time expects to see such Christmas decorations in a Muslim land!  The reason it was unexpected for me this year is that Christmas had not been on my mind at all and suddenly, boom, there’s santa and all the bells and whistles you would expect at a department store back home staring me in the face!  Surprisingly, there are only like 30 days left till Christmas!  Hope you enjoyed my entry for this week’s photo challenge from the folks at WordPress.  “Ho!ho!ho!” and all that jazz! 😉