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YO! Sushi, Dubai Mall

ImageIf you ever find yourself in the Dubai Mall and would love to try a great sushi restaurant with a unique concept, Yo! Sushi on the lower ground level (LG) is just the place! (Grid reference C2)  Like their sign pictured above reads, it’s so much “more than sushi!”ImageYo! Sushi restaurants (or simply “YO!” in short form) can be found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Norway and the Middle East. (Click for for a full list of locations.)  This was our first time experiencing this restaurant franchise and we loved it!ImageImageLike the menu reads, you just take what you like from the conveyor belt and you can know the price of each dish by the color of the plate.miso soup yosushiI love the option of unlimited miso soup for only 15 Dhs (or about 1.5 OR/$3.75 US).salmon at  yo sushikimbop like rolls closeupyummmy yosushi noodlesyo sushi assembly line dishesIt was so cool to see all the dishes pass before us on the conveyor belt! (The belt moves at 8cm per second.)delicious dish yosushiAll the dishes we tried were of the highly quality.yosushi chefsThe sushi kitchen ninjas were quite busy as this place seemed very popular with shoppers. (All food is freshly prepared daily in the restaurant.)  Even though it was busy, it never seemed too crowded though as there are plenty of tables.rice cake at yosushiAll kinds of choices for dessert as well.  The ricecake was fantastic!yo sushi in dubai mallCan’t say enough good things about our experience at YO! Sushi!yosushi billWe couldn’t believe how low our bill was after stuffing our faces! A fun, exciting and delicious experience!Any other YO! Sushi fans out there?! website: www.yosushi.com, For delivery, call: 800-YOSUSHI, Opening Hours: 12 noon to 12 midnight