The Secret Cave at Wadi Shab! A Definite Must See/Do in Oman!

ImageDuring the past 6 years of living in Oman, I’ve been to Wadi Shab a number of times.  In fact, I’m sure it’s the wadi I’ve traveled to the most out of the hundreds of wadis in all of the sultanate. (I’ve posted about Wadi Shab Resort, the Red Bull Cliff Diving Event there (posts 1, 2, 3, & 4) The most popular posts on Wadi Shab from this blog would have to be the touristy ones I wrote titled “Wadi Shab – Not to “Shabby“!” (Nov 1, 2009) and “More of the Beauty of Wadi Shab” (Nov 2, 2009).  Well, I think it’s time to share with my readers the most impressive part of Wadi Shab which is the “secret cave” beyond the more popular swimming areas that tourists tend to visit.ImageVery few people that I have spoken with about Wadi Shab have actually visited this cave.  Maybe it’s because there are no signs telling travellers where to go.  You either know about the place or friendly people along the path “in the know” might be able to direct you to it.ImageWhen my sister-in-law visited us here in the sultanate I knew she would be adventurous enough for the more than 45 minute hike to get there and a few minutes of swimming to get inside.  If you are not a good swimmer, please don’t even think about trying to reach this cave!!!ImageThis is inside the cave.  The place above the red rope is the best spot for diving into the water below if you are courageous enough!ImageThis cave reminds of something you might see in an Indiana-Jones type of movie!ImageWadi Shab itself is worth visiting. Don’t get me wrong.  But those who have been to the “secret cave” realize that a trip to Wadi Shab just isn’t the same without going inside.ImageImageThis is the part where people might turn back not realizing the experience they have just missed.  The cave opening in the picture above doesn’t look like much, but that small dark hole on the left side is the narrow tunnel leading to the cave.  Some people leave their belongings in bags here before swimming to the cave.  If you do make it here, I recommend bringing an underwater camera.  I DO NOT recommend bringing an expensive camera and trying to swim with one hand as I did.  Be sure to check the video below.  🙂ImageJust look at the color of that water!  Here is a video which I relucantly show you as you can hear me huffing and puffing as I swim while trying to capture the journey into the cave.  


15 responses to “The Secret Cave at Wadi Shab! A Definite Must See/Do in Oman!

  1. That’s the only reason to go to Wadi Shab!

  2. My sons and I went here twice! It’s amazing. They still talk about it to this day! It is a little freaky going through that small head opening into the cave!

  3. It’s hardly a secret and unfortunately this wadi has been completely spoiled by the crowds of people and the rubbish scattered along the track.
    Luckily, there are even better wadis that almost nobody goes to.

  4. Oh gosh. This is so coool. I’ve added this place in my list. Thanks for sharing Andy ^_^

  5. I have been to Wadi Shab 3 times,I always discovered something new.But the cave is just something completely new to me.Thanks for the tip,I will go there next weekend to take a look!

    • So glad to know that the post on the cave has given inspiration for folks like you to go back and find it! BTW, nice website you have on “adopt a pet in oman”. I wish you all the best with such an important community service!

  6. Awesome discovery!! Your posts are the ones that mostly come up when I search about places to see and things to do in Oman. Enjoy your adventures and keep posting for the likes of me.

    • Thanks, alanjoro. I notice you started up your own blog (great post on Jabel Shams!) but you haven’t posted since June of last year. I hope all is well with you and yours.

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