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Great Call by the Shura Council of Oman to Reject Taxing Remittances by Expatriates!

It was good to read this article titled ”


by Shaddad Al Musalmy at Muscat Daily.  (Click on the title to view the entire article posted in yesterday’s Muscat Daily.)

Some of us were concerned about the recommendation to impose a 2% tax on remittances by expatriates in Oman.  That would have affected many in Oman, especially low paid workers from countries such as India, Pakista, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines who send a large portion of their paychecks to their home countries to support their families.

Nice to hear that this proposal who put on hold for now and hopefully not brought up again for some time.

The proposal needs more research,” said Salim al Ghattami, member of the State Council and head of its economic committee. “As Oman is strategically located and considering the good relations that we have with other countries, whatever major decision we make will definitely have an impact. It is always good to conduct proper research before taking action.”

At the moment, I don’t think it is the right time to introduce remittance tax on expatriates workers in Oman because it will create a bad image of the country. Everyone will talk about it, including embassies and human rights bodies. There is a need to study the issue more with regard to its impact.” (Dr. Ibrahim al Subhi)

The tax may be good in some ways as the money generated would help in funding the services offered by the government. But if we are to introduce it, it should target everyone and not just expatriates.” (Sayyid Hamad al Busaidi)

Nice to hear such words of wisdom coming from Oman’s State Council members!

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