Contrails or Chemtrails?


7 responses to “Contrails or Chemtrails?

  1. What evidence would a chemtrailer need to be convinced it is contrails in all the pictures?

    • What evidence would a contrailer need to be convinced it is chemtrails in all the pictures?

      • Chemtrails are an extraordinary claim. I’d start with hard evidence of compounds not usually found in airplane exhausts. Also it would be good to have a sky where contrails and chemtrails are both present, and the chemtrails easily told from the contrails. I presume some Snowden-like revelation of secrets mentioning chemtrails would also be in order, as the whole thing presumes a worldwide conspiracy by many people.

        Your turn 🙂

  2. from what i understand about them they look like chemtrails

    • What evidence would make you change your mind?

      Otherwise anybody could say “from what I understand about them they look like sky signals from the aliens that make crop circles”: a personal belief better left unshared.

      • There is no need to “Change my mind” as my mind has not been made on this issue. There are good arguments on both sides of the issue. A friend I know recently met someone who works for the UAE airforce while dune bashing and he said he flies planes which release chemicals for the sake of artificial rain…

    • They sure looked like chemtrails to me and those trails remained up there for many hours. There are often many such trails in the sky early in the morning in the area where I live.

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