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Muscat Festival – 4 More Days!!!

ImageSomeone on twitter just tweeted, ” “Muscat Festival is finally here!” – said no one ever. ”  I know that’s meant to be a humorous little tweet but I really disagree. I’ve certainly said that line before! Muscat Festival is a LOT of fun, especially for those of us with family!  It starts on January 23rd this year (this coming Wednesday) and lasts for one month, closing on February 22nd.  Yes, there can be a problem with traffic (especially at Naseem Park!) but it was extremely well organized in Amerat Park when we went there.IMG_4065It’s a great opportunity to get some great entertainment, learn more about Omani culture and cultures from many other nations, watch some fireworks and have a lot of fun, enjoying some good food.2000DSC_4044Anyone else excited that Muscat Festival is coming soon or am I the only one in the Sultanate? 😉  I would argue that Muscat Festival is one of the best times to visit Oman!Photo By sulaiman khusaibi       (22)Learn more about Muscat Festival here from the official website! (All pics in this post are from the official website)

Miu Shanghai, Mall of the Emirates

miu shanghai signWhile in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, we decided to try out Miu Shanghai which proved to be a delightful dining experience for us.cool lanterns miu shanghaiWe were immediately impressed with the look and ambiance of this restaurant.entrance of miu shanghaiIf you google “miu shanghai”, you’ll find that a lot of websites refer to this place as “Miu Shanghai Teahouse” and with good reason.  It’s really a nice place to enjoy a cup of tea after a few hours of shopping at the impressive Mall of the Emirates. Some places refer to it as “Miu Shanghai Teahouse and Restaurant”. Strange that this restaurant is not on the list of dining options on the official Mall of the Emirates website.chefs special sushi platterThe “Chef’s Special Sushi Platter” sounded so good that all 3 of us chose this.  Here’s a pic of my platter:sushi platter for realThis was a fantastic dish!  Here’s the same platter but this time my wife’s brother-in-law, Noel, attempted to take an “artistic photo” of it.  Actually it was a challenge more than anything as I know he has taken photography lessons! 😉artistic attempt sushi platterThere was no indication of how long the “Chef’s Special Sushi Platter” is on for (at 68 AED) but if you dine here and it’s available, we recommend it.miso soupOf course I just had to have the Miso Soup! (32 AED) Kind of pricey for miso soup, but good nonetheless!soups and dimsum menuAs always, I try to put as much of the menu as possible in these reviews in case you’re wondering what’s available!crab corn soupMy wife and Noel thought the Crab Corn Soup (38 AED) was quite good.appetizers miu shanghaisalads at miu shanghaimiu shanghai from sidemiu shanghai main coursesmiu shanghai sushimiu shanghai seatsmaki rollssashimi and nigirimiu shanghai in mall of emiratesOverall, another great dining experience in Dubai. (Despite the Filipina waitress who seemed to be hoping that someone from The Voice, XFactor or other talent show was going to “discover her there in the restaurant!)  For all the food mentioned above + one American coffee (other beverages provided with the Chef”s Special) the bill came to 327 AED. (All prices on the menu already include taxes!)beautiful Mall of EmiratesMiu Shanghai (Tel: 04-3413618) is just one of over 95 dining options at the incredible Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. This mall was really impressive and worth a blogpost of its own…coming soon if I have the time.  Check out other options for dining, shopping and entertainment at the Mall of the Emirates here.