Muscat Festival – 4 More Days!!!

ImageSomeone on twitter just tweeted, ” “Muscat Festival is finally here!” – said no one ever. ”  I know that’s meant to be a humorous little tweet but I really disagree. I’ve certainly said that line before! Muscat Festival is a LOT of fun, especially for those of us with family!  It starts on January 23rd this year (this coming Wednesday) and lasts for one month, closing on February 22nd.  Yes, there can be a problem with traffic (especially at Naseem Park!) but it was extremely well organized in Amerat Park when we went there.IMG_4065It’s a great opportunity to get some great entertainment, learn more about Omani culture and cultures from many other nations, watch some fireworks and have a lot of fun, enjoying some good food.2000DSC_4044Anyone else excited that Muscat Festival is coming soon or am I the only one in the Sultanate? 😉  I would argue that Muscat Festival is one of the best times to visit Oman!Photo By sulaiman khusaibi       (22)Learn more about Muscat Festival here from the official website! (All pics in this post are from the official website)


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