Bad Driving in Oman!

Y-Magazine captured some of my all time pet peeves about driving in Oman on this video they published yesterday: Tailgating, overspeeding and no use of indicators!

Dangerous driving is being talked about a lot on Oman Social Media this week as there was a horrendous accident in which 4 kids were killed and others injured involving a private minivan that was apparently overcrowded bringing kids to Pakistan School Muscat.  Driving in Oman is one of the major downfalls of living here in Oman. Oman can be at the top of the list for many factors (“best roads”, happiest citizens, financial opportunities….bla,bla,bla) but if it cannot provide basic safety on its roads all those other successes seem absolutely meaningless.  What is the point of having a good job in a beautiful city if one cannot have some peace of mind that their child has a strong chance of coming come home safely each day?!  Facts of Life 101.

2 responses to “Bad Driving in Oman!

  1. That is funny! At least you have nice roads in Oman. In many places I’ve been people drive like that on roads that are crumbling and barely wide enough for the car.

    • I suppose that’s a positive way of looking at the horrible driving habits of Oman, Jeff, but I’m guessing that losing a family member “on a nice road” is of no consolation to family members left with the depressing aftermath.

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