Dedication of The House of Light (“Bait an-Noor”) – Jan 25, 2014

dedication of new ruwi church

new church plaque

main sanctuary(Photo courtesy of Esther Sagar)

program cover

new church outside

the beautiful old rugged cross

church program page 1

awaiting dedication

dedication service from back

program page 2

corner of church

stained glass cross(photo courtesy of Iain Hutton)

program page 3

ceiling and balcony

service from back(Photo courtesy of Iain Hutton)balcony and ceiling

program page 4

another look at front of building

from balcony(Photo courtesy of Iain Hutton)

program page 5

mosaic banner

worship leader for dedication

program page 6

How great is our God banner

Albert and Janete

program page 7

service from my seat

Bridget Ganguly speaks

program page 8 final

at the foot of the cross

food tent

2 of many volunteers


one body in Christ



final look at house of light

8 responses to “Dedication of The House of Light (“Bait an-Noor”) – Jan 25, 2014

  1. love the choice of music – singing the good news!

  2. We were so eager to see more pictures of this momentous event! Thank you, Andy!

    • Thanks for the feedback. It’s my extreme pleasure and my duty. I was sure that there are countless Christians who have connections with the Church in Oman that might have been interested in knowing. To God be the glory!!!

  3. Thanks so much Andy… was really waiting for your pics to make up my album….. you are a *star*!!

    • My pleasure! The real work goes to the team who worked on the fabulous booklet for the service! I simply scanned their hardwork for the sake of those who might be interested in knowing about such a monumental day of the church in Oman. Great labor of love by the entire church coming together to ensure a successful and God-glorifying event in the sultanate! When you call me a “star”, I’m certain that it’s in the sense of doing the same work as the star of Bethlehem that simply leads others to the (only) One worthy of praise! 😉

  4. Shanthini Moses

    Thank you Andy

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