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Muscat Festival Offer from Shangri-La

muscat festival offer from shangri la

muscat festival offer in arabic


100X100 Art for Cancer Charity

Image One more week to see the 100X100 art exhibition at Bait Al Zubair (in Gallery Sarah) and consider contributing to cancer charity in Oman.ibrahim from facebook pageIbrahim Gailani is the main force behind this noble cause.  I was trying to come up with the right words to explain the significance of this exhibition when I suddenly came across this wonderful interview by Lakshmi Kothaneth who is a broadcast journalist at Radio Sultanate of Oman – 90.4 FM:

  • 100 pieces of art
  • 100 OMR each (around $250 US)
  • 100% for Cancer Charity

As Ibrahim explained, “They use it for all the activities they do on awareness, on spreading education about cancer and for the initiative of Dar al Hanan which is the home for families whose children are going through cancer treatment.”

This is the 2nd year of 100X100. Here is a great video from last year’s event that was put together by Wadah Musafir:

I like how Lakshmi ends the interview in the 1st video which is an appropriate ending for this blogpost: “And this is where we’re going to leave you because you have to come and visit the exhibition at Bait al Zubair and find the story that will truly touch your soul and maybe even make a difference, maybe by taking one painting at least to your own home.”

(They sold 30 pieces on opening night, Feb. 4th!)