Muscat Festival 2014 (Naseem Garden)

festival at naseem garden  Naseem Garden is one of the 2 major locations of Muscat Festival. The other being Amerat Park.  The festival continues until Feb 22nd but don’t wait until it’s too late!Naseem Gardenspark during festivalshopping area  One of the aspects of Naseem Park that makes it different from Amerat Park is the Consumer Exhibition.  You can buy just about anything you’re looking for as there are around 400 stalls. The kids love the “made in China” toys for sale that we end up buying every year like the angry birds light up toy (1 OR) and ball that lights up when you bounce it (1 OR).

Here is a Naseem Garden festival area map from the Muscat Festival website:naseem park mapsome carnival rides  “Al Naseem Park also includes a city of entertainment and games that has many electrical games that suit different age groups.” (from Oman Observer)superbowl  The Superbowl made it to Oman, haha! Some of the gentlemen working at the amusement park area really annoyed me this year.  Omanis are free to take all kinds of pics and videos but once they see a white guy (me) taking a pic, they almost always order me to put my camera away.  See what I’m talking about in this video as I’m trying to videotape the Superbowl ride. The guy totally ignores the Omanis already filming to tell me to put my camera away:This is not a matter of “culture” but rather of discrimination. Either no cameras or videos whatsoever or have the same rules for everyone!plenty of flowershorserides available  Horse rides are available for the kids as are horse drawn carriages for a small fee.balloons and such  All kinds of balloons and toys which almost always seem to be one rial.barney and minion  Barney and one of the minions chilling out at Naseem Garden.smurfs  I think all these mascots were getting ready for a parade. (?) Many parents (including us) took the chance to take pics with the kids!hello kitty  Hello, Hello Kitty…kind inn at festival  Nice deal at Pizza Inn: Buy any pizza and get the 2nd one for 1 rial!food at festivalgrilling up the kebabbiriyami  Chicken Biriyami (1.1 RO)making halwa  Gentlemen from Shinas making Omani Halwa.  They told me it takes about 2 hours of stirring to make it.  If you’ve never tried Halwa just after it’s been cooked, I definitely recommend trying it out at the festival. It was delicious!


4 responses to “Muscat Festival 2014 (Naseem Garden)

  1. They do tell Omani guys without families to put the cameras away too;).

    They usually won’t if it is your own family you are filming though. Women tell me to put my camera away, and I’m a girl lol, and they think I am a local, unless I am filming my kid.

    Naseem is a great park, all year. One of the few parks that smaller kids can easily get on the swings and slides (in one area).

    The shopping and rides are what make this spot more busy than the Al Amerat location with Omani families. I prefer the old Qurum locale though. The heritage area was better built, but I guess parking was …. yeah.

    Thanks for taking photos and video!

    • Thanks for your comment, Princess. Yes, Naseem is a pleasant year-round spot for families. I TOTALLY agree about Qurum Park being the best. I LOVED the Heritage village there! I do understand that parking was too much of a hassle for those living in the neighborhood! Glad you enjoyed the pics. Keep yours coming. I always enjoy seeing your personal photos on your blog. I loved the horses on Seeb Beach especially as I never got the chance to see it during Muscat Festival.

  2. I too had the same experience at naseem garden. They don’t mind people filming on a note 3 but with a digital camera, they stop you!! No logic. I tried explaining this to one of the staff but he never bothered to understand. I even asked them to paste a “no photography” sticker on the wall if you are not letting in cameras.

    For this matter, Amerat is 100 times better. The exhibitors including Omani women are ready to be on camera any moment. They welcome you and show what they got in store. They even have a photography competition at the venue (Omani Nationals only). if you are a photography enthusiast, make sure you visit amerat gardens to get some great shots.


    • We’re on the same wavelength, Kiran! I also thought they should have a no photography sign if they don’t want anyone to do so. Yes, Amerat seemed to share the same spirit that existed in Qurum Park – all were aware that photography is part of the festival and welcomed it! Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

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