Korean Choice Restaurant & Guesthouse

Image  Korean Choice Restaurant & Guesthouse is extremely easy to find.  It’s located in Azaiba, not far from the Sultan Center as you can see on this map located on the back of their business card.Image  Korean Choice Restaurant is in the building immediately to the right of Azaiba Shopping Center which is just a few shops including a barber shop. The owners are currently scouting out good spots in Muscat to open a larger restaurant as the demand for authentic Korean food in Muscat has grown.  For the time being, it will remain at 2849, Way 4846. (Not to be confused with the other Korean restaurant I reviewed 3 months ago which is also in Azaiba.)       restaurant pic 1                                             This is the smaller room in the restaurant which can seat up to 12 people.restaurant pic2   Plenty of tables in the main room for customersrestaurant pic 3Mr Yeom and Mrs. Kim  The friendly owners, Mr. Yeom and Mrs. Kim! (Korean women do not take their husband’s last name in Korea.) The food pics in this post are from 2 different visits.  They only charge 5 rials per person! (and 500 baizas per soft drink)delicious saladside dishes 1  The food was fantastic!  By the way, they sell kimchi for 4 OR/kilo!side dishes 2japchay noodlessashimi   Mrs. Kim prepared us some sashimi on our 1st visit as they went to the fish market that morning!Bill and Kim  It was great to have our friends, Kim and Bill, with us on our first ever visit to Korean Choice Restaurant. We share the “Korean connection” as they also lived in Korea (for 1 year) and we also share a love for Korean food.  Another friend who has “the Korean connection” is Geoff and he jumped at the chance to try out Korean Choice.Geoff at Korean Choicegoguma  The sweet potato (goguma) was so delicious!cooking bulgogi  If you order bulgogi, you have the option of having them cook it in the back kitchen or in front of you at your table.  As you can see, we opted for our table.  As with any authentic Korean restaurant, there are plenty of sidedishes (panchun) and then you have some choices for the main dish: beef, chicken, fish or pork (bulgogi).steamed dumplings 1  The steamed dumplings were good.steamed dumplings 2dol sot bibimbap  The Dol Sot Bibimbap was a real treat. Now that’s some authentic Korean food that I’ve really missed!  3 of us had this for lunch on our 2nd visit.  Speaking of our 2nd visit, we had the pleasure of dining with new friends, Gokhan and Naomi, who have been in the Sultanate a little over 5 months.Gokhan and Naomimap and photos  Map of Korea with photos of some regular customersfruits for dessert  A platter of fruit is always a great way to end a meal!yogurt and honeydelicious prawnsspecial duck dish  This was a special order of duck prepared for us on our 2nd visit.  SO good!hamour fish   I didn’t have any of the fish, but I was told it was very good.rice and soup homegrown plants   This “garden” on the side of the villa is where Mrs. Kim grows many of the plants used for authentic Korean cooking! guest room 45 rials  Here is what the guest rooms (5 available) look like at Korean Choice Guesthouse.  Not bad at all for 45 OR/person each day including breakfast and dinner!  With only 5 rooms available, make sure you book far in advance if you wish to stay here.guestroom toilet korean choice restaurant  In case you were wondering what “Muscat” looks like in Korean: korean choice restaurant - Copy

3 responses to “Korean Choice Restaurant & Guesthouse

  1. I’ve been looking for a Korean restaurant here in Oman..Finally I found one..thanks Andy… sure I’m goin’ to try it there soon

  2. Hey can u guide me where can i get Soju

  3. Soju can be bought in the liquor store near the golden tulip hotel. Of course you need a liquor license for that.

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