Wadi Bini Khalid (Part 1) Swimming and Picnic Area

Wadi Bini Khalid Panorama

tourist center at bini khaled

view from tourist center

falaj to wadi

dear tourists

falaj and palm trees

trekking pathsanother falaj pic






falaj and green grass

arriving at pond end

walkway through water

more green water

emerald green water

warning for visitors

beautiful green plantlife

lovely spot for picnic

picnic fun at wadi bini khaled

gorgeous area

wonderful spot for swimming

a wadi like no other

wadi bini khalid lookout point Will fill you in with details about this gorgeous spot later!

4 responses to “Wadi Bini Khalid (Part 1) Swimming and Picnic Area

  1. So refreshing, the green of the palms and the water in a land of brown. I promise not to ask the village children to carry my bags.

    • I was wondering if anyone would notice that warning about not asking village children to carry bags! 🙂 Do tourists actually request the village kids to do that? Seems quite odd.

  2. This is such a great place! I was there on my last visit to Oman and was just writing a post about it, as well!

  3. Hi, Pedro!
    Glad you enjoyed Wadi Bini Khalid while you were here. I’m still waiting to see your post! 😉 When are you planning on posting it? Cheers!

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