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Elevation Burger, Muscat Grand Mall (“Ingredients Matter”)

Elevation Burger logo                                                                        Elevation Burger opened in Muscat Grand Mall (MGM) about 8 months ago. They are a chain of American restaurants that originated in 2002 with its founder, Hans Hess.  They have branches throughout the GCC including Kuwait, Dubai, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. I kept hearing great reviews about this place and how the burgers are so healthy (especially from our friend, Geoff, who goes there often) so we finally decided to give it a try tonight.Elevation Burger in MGM  It’s a very spacious restaurant and was quite empty on our visit (awesome!) but I think it’s because it was on a weekday. The employees told me that they are much busier on weekends.compared to other burgers  They have an interesting pamphlet on each table that explains the difference between Elevation burgers and others.  I’ve included the whole thing (broken up and intermingled with pics I took) so you can get an idea of the health benefits of their organic burgers and fries.seating 1some differences in burger  Less fat, few calories and fries that are cooked in olive oil sound good to me.  Obviously burgers made from 100% organic grass-fed cattle are much healthier than grain fed ones.  This visit to Elevation Burger and their focus on healthy options reminded me of this video called “The Meatrix” with “Moopheus“: seating 2more differences in burgersElevation Burgers  I had the Elevation Burger (with 2 patties) (3 OR) and my wife had the cheese burger (2.4 OR).  The burger was delicious but fell apart easily as I had too many toppings I think. My wife loved her burger.Burger Choices  There are your main choices.  I can’t imagine more than 3 patties on your burger as my mouth could barely fit around 2.  The Vertigo Burger has an option of 3 to 10 patties!toppings  Toppings are free (except blue cheese dressing) for any of the burgers (or cheese sandwich).  Be careful though as I asked for all the toppings and was surprised to realize after biting into my burger that there were jalapenos. They are not listed on the toppings! 😦cheese fries  The fries were an all-around winner!  Sit somewhere within eyes reach of the main counter to check out how they take fresh potatoes and squeeze them through their manual cutter right before your eyes.  If, like me, you are accustomed to overly crispy and salty McDonald fries, it may take a few forkfuls of fries before they win you over. They may seem soggy at first but just keep digging in and your tastebuds will be glad you did.drinks and sidesbeverages                                              Nothing beats free refills!  You don’t have to hand your cup over the counter or ask a waiter for it; you just get up and fill it yourself. Ah, the simple pleasures of life! By the way, there are no “waiters” really, as you check out their simple menu, order and then pay at the front till and once they bring you your food, you’re on your own. (Apart from the standard “How is your food?” question at some point. 😉 )shakes and malts  Apparently their hand scooped icecream is a real treat but we’ll have to save that for another visit as we were pretty stuffed. My recommendation is go for a single patty (hamburger/cheeseburger) and save room for iceacream or a root beer float!employees at elevation  3 of the friendly employees on staff during our visit.  They were extremely helpful with explaining the menu and how it all works at Elevation Burger. (Even though it should be pretty straight forward)loyalty program  The club card is a great way to promote repeat visits!

receipt  Not bad at all! 9.3 OR in total and I always love when a restaurant includes taxes and service charges within the price on the menu!  (Take note that there is a tip jar at the front counter, folks!)

Have you been to Elevation Burger? If so, what did you think?  Check out the Elevation Burger in Oman facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ElevationOM  They definitely get the Andy-in-Oman stamp of approval! 🙂