Manhattan Fish Market, 18 November Street, Azaiba

Image     The Manhattan Fish Market (Tel: 2449-9102) has been open for about 2 weeks now (since Feb 12th).  The pics and videos we’ve seen being shared on facebook were enough to convince us to try this restaurant out for ourselves. It was this video in particular with their new “sea-lections” that really caught our attention:

ImageThe Manhattan Fish Market is on 18 November Street in Azaiba.  If you’re driving from the direction of the Wave, it’s on the right hand side of of the road just before the shell station and Al Fair supermarket.Image    Several tables near the front doorImageSeems to have more privacy in the back room where we decided to sit.                         cover of menu                       The menu is fantastic.  It contains some of the history of this restaurant chain and plenty of clear, laminated pics of all the dishes.  Manhattan Fish Market also has branches in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. It obviously originated in Manhattan! 🙂inside cover of menuspecial saucehow would you like it servedfried country mushroomsWe all enjoyed the Fried Country Mushrooms (1.9 OR) for our starter. Here are all the starters available at MFM:starterssoups and chowders2 choices of soup and 3 chowders.  They only make one of the 3 chowders each day so you will only have 1 choice. On the evening we went, it was salmon chowder. For salads, they have garden (1.7) and Caesar (1.9) with the option of add-ons: crispy whitebait (.9), grilled chicken (1.7) and tuna (.9).  They also have coleslaw (1.8), corn salad (1.7) and potato salad (2.2). Sides include Chef’s baguette (.4), garlic herb rice (1), chippy fries (1) and hot veggies(1).tomato soupThe wife and I both had the Salmon Chowder (1.5 OR). Delicious!salmon chowderOur friend, Geoff, enjoyed the Cream of Mushroom Soup (1.2). pastasThe pastas look SO good. Will have to try one on a future visit. This is just one of the pages of pastas available.  It is hard to decide what to get from the menu as it all looks so great.grilled doryGrilled Dory (3.2 OR)flame it upsmall flameMy wife had the small flame (4.9 OR). Manhattan Flaming Prawns with grilled dory fillet on a bed of garlic herb rice, chips and and chips Our Omani friend had the fish and chips (3.2 OR). You can choose Dory or cherry snapper for the fish and chips. Our friend ordered cherry snapper and he didn’t have anything bad to say about this dish!check out those flamesseafood platterThe MANHATTAN FLAMING SEAFOOD PLATTER (11.9 OR) which we were told is the “1 indisputable choice of manhattan seafood market fans”.  After trying it, we could see why.  This was a fantastic platter and highly recommended.  Hand battered fish fillets, oysters, calamari and Manhattan flaming prawns, all on one dish! This dish is large and intended for at least 2 to share. 2 more platters2 more of the 6 platters available on the menucitrus mint  Citrus Mint (1.8 OR)Gummy Bear  Gummy Bear (1.6) From the menu: “The exciting flavors of Curacao and tropical fruit mix is guaranteed to liven up your senses”. Looked more exciting than it tasted…satisfied customers  4 satisfied customers! 🙂Manhattan Fish Market signOverall, we had a wonderful dining experience at Manhattan Fish Market! In total, the bill for 4 people came to only 37.39 OR which works out to only about 10 rials/person.  We highly recommend this restaurant and we’re already looking forward to our next visit.  Check out their facebook page and go through the menu items in the picture folder there. We didn’t have room for dessert, but they looked incredible.  Have any of you been there yet? If so, how was your experience?  (Tel: 2449-9102 / 2449-9627) 


10 responses to “Manhattan Fish Market, 18 November Street, Azaiba

  1. It’s on my radar since they opened it!Thanks for review Andy,you should be given special award for promoting local events and businesses:-)
    BTW,maybe off-topic question,how to you find The Entertainer 2014 vouchers,are they worth to purchase?

    • Definitely gotta try it out. We’ve been there twice now. Thinking of posting a 2nd blogpost as the 2nd trip was just as good as the first with different dishes! Thanks for your kind words. I enjoy promoting good restaurants/businesses and events! The Entertainer 2014 is quite a bit more expensive than last year and their quality seems to go down a bit with each passing year. The place I work at gave everyone a specially made copy of Entertainer so no need for me to buy it this year! 🙂

  2. I just love how they say in chorus. “Welcome” and when you leave “Thank you, come again”

    The Manhattan Flamming seafood platter is really the best choice specially if you are looking for something to be serve in a special manner… being torch in front of you 🙂

  3. I did visit Manhattan Fish Market and I’m not sure as to whether I’d visit the place again.The menu looks attractive but even if you porder a grill platter there is fried food in ti and the rest of the dishes are all fried.My mouth was tasting oily after a while.

  4. Thank you for recommending this restaurant.. I had lunch with my colleagues a couple of weeks ago and we were all satisfied with the food and service. Will surely come back to try the other items in their menu.

  5. We’ve been there my husband and I yesterday. We found the decoration nice and the service really good with smiling and friendly people. But then we didn’t like the food at all. When ordering I asked if the fish was fresh and the waiter told us it was all frozen fish, even the hammour (that you can choose to have instead of the dory in the menu) and maybe less important but they don’t have any squeezzed juices. We were expecting fresh fish from a restaurant named fish market, maybe that’s why we were disappointed. We felt it was more of a fast food place than a restaurant.
    We had the fish skewers as a starter and then the mediterranean baked hammour and an other baked fish, I can’t remember the name of it, sorry.

    >>Andy, so sad you’re leaving Oman, we are big fans of your blog, you’ll be missed here, we wish you all the best for your new life.


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