Daily Archives: March 2, 2014

Special March Offer at Sifawy Boutique Hotel

March specialNow this is quite a deal! 55 OMR for single or 60 OMR for double room including all taxes and breakfast.  Great opportunity to check out Sifah if you’re never stayed at the lovely Sifawy Boutique Hotel!  Check out the review from our stay there a little over 2 years ago. I’m sure the place is even better by now.

Istanboly Turkish Restaurant, Al-Khuwair & Al-Khoud

ImageIstanboly is another fine choice for cheap but good Turkish food in Muscat!  If you enjoy the Turkish House, you’ll definitely enjoy Istanboly as well.  The pics from this most recent visit are from the Istanboly in Al-Khuwair next door to Rawasco Supermarket. It’s a fantastic place to hang out with friends seated outside in front in the cooler season (Oct-March) and of course there is also plenty of seating inside as well.  The other location in Al-Khoud is more of a take-away place as there are mostly male students hanging around there from the nearby (SQU) university.ImageIt’s called “Istanboly Coffee Shop” but I didn’t put that in the title as it may confuse North Americans who mostly think of places like Starbucks, Costa Coffee or Second Cup when they think of “coffee shops”.ImageYou can never go wrong with the Istanboly Mixed Grill!! (4.3 OR) 9 times out of 10 this is what I order when we go to Istanboly.ImageMy wife almost always gets the Lamb Chops (4.2 OR). This is also a fantastic meal. Chances are if I didn’t order the Mixed Grill it’s probably because I went with the Lamb Chops! 🙂ImageThe humus is always good at Istanboly as well as the hot pita that comes with it. There is also this other bread that is great as well that they will most likely bring to your table:ImageHere’s the full menu:ImageThe bill usually works out to 4 or 5 rials per person.ImageHere are the locations and phone numbers of the 3 locations of Istanboly: 1 in Al-Khoudh and 2 in Al-Khuwair including the main shop featured here which is by far the most enjoyable.Image Have any other Muscateers tried Istanboly? If so, how was your experience? Would you recommend Istanboly to your friends?