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AXA Insurance & Towell Co. Incompetence and Run-around

I was in a car accident on Feb. 25th. Unfortunately, the gentlemen at fault in this case is insured at AXA Insurance.  Of course one can never plan who you will be in an accident with (God willing you will never be in one in the first place!) but if you are ever involved in an accident with someone insured at AXA and they are at fault, be ready for the worst.  In my case, a horrible experience of run-arounds, lies, unanswered phonecalls, unkept promises and a very late return of your car, despite several promises to fix your car promptly. That is exactly what I experienced.

It is now Mar 17th and more than a week ago I was promised that the car would be repaired and ready for pick-up on the 15th. I actually gave them an extra day and called yesterday (Mar 16th) to confirm that my car was ready for pickup. Would you believe that the guy on the phone told me that my car had JUST BEEN APPROVED.  It took a while for what he was telling me to sink in.  They had NOT EVEN TOUCHED my car 3 week later!!!!!!!  Now after calling dozens of people and getting more of a run-around, I am “promised” (Hard to take a promise seriously now at AXA and Towell Ghala I’m sure you can understand!) that the car will be ready on Thursday. Of course no time is given, just “sometime on Thursday”.  I will not be holding my breath.  I will come back and give more details about the nonsense I’ve been through with both AXA and Towell Ghala when I get a chance.  In the meantime, I highly recommend avoiding AXA Insurance (and any repairs they offer in Towell Ghala) like the plague!!!

What is the motivation for insurance companies (like AXA) or shops they hire to repair cars (like Towell Ghala) to have any sense of urgency when they are not responsible to cover the 2nd party’s rental car expense?!?!?!  (I still can’t believe that that is a country-wide regulation!!)  “Frustrated” does quite capture the entirety of my feelings for AXA and Towell at the moment!

Free Audiopharmacy Performances at MGM (Tonight) & the Hyatt (Tomorrow)

MGM flyerThe Embassy of the United States of America in association with Muscat Grand Mall and Grand Hyatt Muscat presents Audiopharmacy.  Like the poster above reads, they will be playing tonight at MGM (near the main entrance) from 7 to 9pm.

They will also be playing at Grand Hyatt Muscat tomorrow night from 5 to 7pm:Hyatt flyerIf you’re curious how they sound, here’s a “San Francisco Skateboard Rap” called “Shake the Bay Bridge” : Here they are performing “Mama”: Finally, here’s an interesting track called “Ruined Lands“:They certainly sound like they’re worth checking out!

Thanks to Megan for this community service announcement and thanks as well to the US Embassy Muscat for organizing such wonderful events for the public!

“Oman Social Media Gang Selfie”

Image  It was a lot of fun to be part of this Oman social media selfie (Officially Titled “Oscar Selfie 2“) at the Shangri-la’s 1st Full Moon Beach Buffet (which I’ll post about as soon as I can!) Recognize anyone in this pic? 🙂  Bader Al Lawati (and his “+1”! 😉 ), Rasha Al Mandani, Mohammed Al Ramadan (aka “McMo“), Maurizio Monte, Susan Proctor, Fatima Hamayon, Sahara Hamayon, Fahmi Al Ma’Awali…and others.  I’m doing my best Kevin Spacey face that I could manage, haha!

Here’s a better one that shows everyone’s face more clearly and Susan even managed to photoshop Dahlia Riyami in who left just before the pic. Nice touch, Susan!better selfie pic  A big thumbs up to Fahmni for this wonderful and yet ridiculous idea,haha!  🙂Image