Dinosaur Spotted at The Dubai Mall!

Image Another great reason to visit The Dubai Mall is this “new dinosaur” which was unveiled just 10 days ago on March 11th, 2014.  Apparently they paid 15 million dollars to purchase this dinosaur skeleton which was flown from the Dana Quarry in Wyoming, USA.ImagepamphletcoverThe dinosaur exhibit is inside the main entrance is free for viewing!  I love the pamphlet that visitors are free to pick up on either side of the display case.  I’ve scanned and included each page of that pamphlet in this blogpost in order to share the information on this remarkable exhibit.IMG_4537IMG_4538transport of Dubai Mall dinosaurdinosaurs long tailJust look at that tail!dinosaur from 1st floorWhen first looking at the dinosaur, I thought they had painted the bones purple or blue but as you can see, they have bluish lights that come up and hit the dinosaur giving it that look.dino infoLots of great info on this page. As with most pics on this blog, just click it to magnify it.  Once on that page, you can magnify it more by clicking on the spot you wish to view.dino and crowdsThey anticipate even more footfall in the world’s largest mall with this latest exhibit.  It certainly is worth at least a few minutes of appreciation as you shop there!closer look at skeletonunique intact dino boneslooking up at dinolooking up blue lightAs you can imagine and can see in these pics, this is a big hit with visitors!  Just as I went photo crazy (seen by the number of pics posted here!), people couldn’t seem to get enough of this dino and with good reason; it’s remarkable!stats on sizeblue or purple light on dinoblack and white dinoBeing such a magnificent creature of the past, it wouldn’t seem right to post this blogpost without at least one black and white photo! 🙂miniature feature powershotanother view with mall crowdvivid blue dinoNoel and Andy at TDMI’m so glad that I found the time to meet up with my wife’s brother-in-law, Noel, while in Dubai.  The truth is the 2 of us in the foreground are the real dinosaurs in this pic as the pretty one in blue is fresh off the plane and the talk of the town! 😉 Here’s a video I put together using Youtube Video Editor and my Powershot A810: 


2 responses to “Dinosaur Spotted at The Dubai Mall!

  1. I didn’t even know this was there! A little strange that its permanent home is now a mall, but my dino-loving son will be super excited

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