National Geographic Video on Oman

2 responses to “National Geographic Video on Oman

  1. Hi Andy thank you for this, as a newcomer to Oman your blog as always is invaluable in so many ways for me. One thing I note you admire about this country is the freedom people have to practise their respective religions. Coincidentally the BBC has a freedom theme running at the moment and just for info, there will be a programme on BBC World Service 103.2FM on Sunday 6 April about religious freedom in Oman. It airs at 8.30 GMT which is 12.30 here. I will certainly be tuning in.

  2. Having being a regular visitor to Oman for over 25+ years as my husband was based there since the early 80s upto about 3 years back, I have never ever seen any “spot” there worth being on National Geographic or Discovery channel documentaries!! Everything there which they claim to be forts, castles and palaces are all built after the early 70s when Qaboos took over as Sultan of Oman.
    The ultimate success of tourism and archeological importance is significant when tourists return to visit the country many times over. This is not happening in Oman as 99% tourists and expats will never return to see Oman again!!
    UAE is a shopper’s paradise and its development is going up by leaps and bounds like whats also happening in Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. Oman is never ever going to catch up with her neighbours except Yemen.
    The beaches and highways are clean only because they have an efficient Municipality staffed with loads of under-paid Indians who work round the clock.
    A detailed look at Oman and Muscat in particular from Google Earth will show how rugged the country is in general and with the desert climate, development there will be at snail’s pace.
    I have 4 or 5 “professionally edited and photo-shopped” documentaries of Oman taken by different portals but its all done as if this is one mass tourism potential country – which it can never ever be.
    For any Country to keep attracting tourists over and over again, it must have lots of varieties to show with many centuries of differences in culture, heritage and its archaeological evidences – which Oman does not have.
    When compared to India, SriLanka or Philippines, it is placed far, far behind.
    With the “forced” Omanisation policies, its turning out more and more as an anti-expat and anti-investment country and there are far more expats leaving the country than coming in!!
    Since the 90s, Oman has become the “training ground” for expats to get acclimatized to a desert climate and culture and then re-locate to the neighboring countries to work on long-term basis.
    Google for pics of Oman before the 70s and you will hardly find anything worth a second look!!

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