Daily Archives: May 11, 2014

Oman: Foreigners Go Home…or at least Go Away

There was an article in Huffington Post last month titled, “Oman: Foreigners Go Home“.  I feel there is quite a bit of truth in that article.  The new law that expats cannot come back to Oman if they quit one job seems to confirm it.  Read an article on the new law banning the expat workforce for 2 years here from the Times of Oman.  We will be leaving Oman at the end of June and we are really looking forward to it for so many reasons.  I have tried to stay as positve as possible about living here in Oman, but it is definitely no “paradise”! (Nor is any country of course!)  It seems to be that the longer one stays in the Sultanate, the more the magic wears off.  Anyone else feel that way?