Doner Kebab Oman!

ImageHave any of you tried the new German Doner Kebab which opened up in Muscat City Center on April 5th?  Everytime I thought to give it a try, the lineups were too long! Finally got a chance to try it out on Saturday and now I understand why the line has been so long!donar kebab in MCC  The Doner Kebab is a lot like a swarma but even more delicious!Imagelike swarma but betterImageyour choice of toppings Plenty of toppings and so fresh!menu 3doner kebab meal  For my first meal at Doner Kebab, I tried the Doner Kebab Meal for 2.9 Omani rials.  It was a very filling and satisfying meal!  Let’s take a closer look at the sandwich:closeup of doner  I love the taste and texture of the waffle-like bread.  You really have to try this for yourself if you’ve never had 4map of Zakher Mall  Doner Kebab is also open in Zakher Mall (since April 7th).  According to their facebook page, they are planning on opening in several other locations in Oman. Why not post a comment on their facebook page and let them know where you’d like this fantastic chain to open next?!  Like Charley’s Subs, this is another great addition to the dining options at MCC!


4 responses to “Doner Kebab Oman!

  1. I was about to say that if you wanted o avoid the lines then head to Zakher Mall. Must say it tastes great but a little on the pricey end of for a sandwhich.

    Yummm now i am hungry

  2. I just can’t get the British idea of a Kebab out my head where we only eat it after a good night on the sauce and stumbling home. That is very unlikely to happen here..

  3. I love doner kebab but I’m not familiar with this chain.The British idea of kebab is a rubbish,honestly it’s being sold mostly to XXX who spend all the night drinking and don’t care much about what do they eat.

  4. Doner Kebab is closed.They’re changing management ,the earlier post on their FB site says ”closed for maintenance.” LOL

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