Chill at the Chedi Social Media Competition!

CMU-Rooms-Chedi Club Suite-Terrace-Water Garden View_v-1   The Chedi Muscat is introducing a social media competition to promote their summer offer of ‘Chill at The Chedi’ this summer for readers of this blog and a few others starting from Wednesday, June 05 2014 at 9:00am until Monday June 9. The winners will be announced on Tuesday June 10, 2014.CMU-Dining-The Beach Restaurant-Beachfront02_v-1  Here are the details:

We are happy to offer 3 lucky readers a chance to win:
·         1 Night stay in a Deluxe room to redeem our Chill at The Chedi Offer (including breakfast, 30% discount of spa rituals at The Spa + 20% discount on Food & Drinks) –this offer can only be booked by phone or email for local residents only.
·         1 Dinner for 2 in The Restaurant (including soft drinks, excluding alcoholic drinks)
·         Spa Exclusive Promotion for 2: 2 x 90 minute Balinese massage plus a 30 minute treatment (chose from an Aromatic Steam Bath, Thai-Style foot reflexology or a Organic Naturelle D’Orient Cleansing Facial) Details through this link:
Chedi Muscat_Spa Fitness_Treatment Spa Suite_Double 01_v-1
CMU-Spa Fitness-The Spa-Relaxation Lounge-Evening_v-1
 Here is the question readers from my blog must answer (in the comments section here including an email address!) in order to have a chance at winning 1 of the 3 prizes mentioned:
How long is the private beach at The Chedi Muscat?                                                         A. 300 meters     B. 640 meters    C. 370 meters    
CMU-Dining-The Long Pool Cabana-Daytime01_v-1
CMU-Pools-The Long Pool-Evening_v-1
Here are other blogs participating in the competition (with different questions) to help increase your chances of winning:
Remember, this competition only goes until June 9th and the winners will be announced on June 10th.  Don’t forget that you can also order the special resident rate at the Chedi this summer for only 85 rials!  I wrote about it earlier here.
Best of luck, dear readers! 🙂

109 responses to “Chill at the Chedi Social Media Competition!

  1. 370 meters.. Hitesh 94291895

  2. 370m private beach

  3. C. 370m private beach

  4. my answer is –> C. 370 meters
    Worth a try even though I don’t think I’ve ever won something from a contest/raffle in my entire 30 years of existence, haha.

  5. Answer C. 370m

    Suresh 92300816

  6. Janice Austin

    Janice–C. 370 m private beach.

  7. 370 meters

    Nisha 99374921

  8. Melissa Parkinson

    370m private beach. ☺

  9. 370 meters
    Dave 96351290

  10. 370metres private beach 🙂

    Priya V

  11. C. 370m private beach

    Jessielyn Vida

  12. 370 meters

  13. 370 metres is the answer
    Sooraj R

  14. 370 meters, Shahrazad ,

  15. Correct answer is 370 meters.

  16. C. 370meters
    John Samuel

  17. 370 meters
    Helena Knight

  18. c. 371 meters
    Robin Mande

  19. C. 370 metres Sue Butler

  20. The private beach is answer C: 370 meters.
    Name: Kim

  21. c. 370 meters

  22. 370 meters Tommy Duncan

  23. c.370 meters


  24. C: 370 meters.
    ph no..93011085

  25. Chittaranjan Gauba

    C 370 metres
    Chittaranjan Gauba

  26. 370 mtrs 🙂 would loveeeee to win with u ♥
    Ronak Bhatt

  27. c. 370meters
    Anthony Carlton

  28. Answer C – 370 metres
    Vikas Singal

  29. Adrina Sequeira

    C. 370 meters
    Adrina Sequeira

  30. c. 370m
    Formose Pereira

  31. 370 meters. Beautiful beach. Lovely hotel

  32. C. 370 Meters

  33. 370 meters! Louise Ragan 9920 7180

  34. c. 370 m
    Rodney Woods

  35. Answer is C- 370 m
    Hanan Al Rawahi

  36. Answer is 370 meters.
    Faiza Tayyab

  37. c. 370 meters
    Denise Boyd 9391 9269

  38. C – 370m – Lois 99415364

  39. c. 370m private beach

  40. c. 370m

    Dave Knight

  41. 370m
    Ron Polson

  42. C. 370 meters
    Eunmi KIM

  43. 370 meters

  44. radhakrishnan


  45. radhakrishnan

    by mistake posted twice , please delete one..

  46. The length of the Beach is
    C. 370 meters


  47. C. 370 Meters

  48. C. 370 meters
    Olympia Carlo

  49. Olympia Carlo

    C. 370 meters

  50. shaima alsaleh

    370 meters

  51. C) 370 Meters
    Nada Al Kharusi

  52. Nada al Kharusi

    C) 370 Meters
    Nada Al Kharusi

  53. 370 meters heehee, I checked the answers of all the others!!

  54. robin Kleinveldt

    370meters …heehee, I checked everyone else’s answers!!

  55. C. 370 meters

    Kahlan Al Barwani

  56. c) 370 meters.

  57. thanks for the add fello blogger 🙂

  58. The answer is c 370 m ..

  59. Rajesh Bhaskaran

    370 meters of private beach at the Chedi



  61. C) 370 Meters
    Kashif Adeel

  62. C) 370 Meters
    Fatima Umar

  63. 370 metres
    Rajiv Ahuja

  64. C) 370 metres
    Umesh Nair

  65. Shirley Bajaj

    C) 370 meters long
    994 13 806

  66. Answer: 370 mts
    Marcos torres

  67. Answer is C: 370 meters
    Saulat Ali

  68. Anyone else getting lots of junk e mails since leaving their address on this site??

  69. 370 meters

  70. C. 370 meters

    If I will win in this competition… This will serve as a special bday gift (bday: 9th of June) for me from u guys… hehehhehe I don’t have any luck in any competition/raffle.. but who knows????



  71. 370 meters

  72. Vijayalakshmi shetty

    C- 370 meters

  73. The beach is 370M long. Thank you/Shokran…Sue. Muscat.

  74. Sameer Jadwet

    370 m private beach. Sameer Jadwet.

  75. 370m private beach
    Fabrizio Floreani

  76. Dania Al Riyami

    B. Asia

  77. noufal Al lawati

    370 meters

  78. 370m private beach Yahya Rashid

  79. Just wanted to know if the winners have been announced or not.

  80. I can do that sometimes… My Professors too used to say that..

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