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“Oman Contributing to the Global Dialogue”

Thanks to Rumaitha from Merge Fm for sharing this video and info, “This video has been doing the rounds on social media making Omanis very proud when Kerry states that ‘Oman is contributing to the Global Dialogue’“.  Merge FM is a GREAT source of news in the Sultanate.  If you love Oman (and good music!), you should consider following them on facebook.

 Go, Oman!

“The Cave”


driving up to the cave  The Cave is a huge multi-restaurant complex (with plans to open hotels there as well in the near future) on Qurum Heights Road in Darsait.  This first post will be of the place itself before I get to another post in which we were invited to a fabulous food tasting event at what is sure to be one of the best locations at the site…the cave from parking  My friend, Wanda, recently blogged about her visit to the Cave and her experience dining at Harbor on her blog. It was her 100th blog post. Be sure to check it out!plenty of choices  I count 8 places to dine on the main signboard (although it seems “Clouds” is on there 2 times with another location (?) called “Above the Clouds”).  Several are to open this week including Rumba which was where we had the pleasure of dining Friday night! For now, as far as I know, only 2 restaurants are open: The Harbor (Seafood Restaurant) and Clouds Terrace.view from cave parking   Beautiful view overlooking Darsait.Beauty and the Cavemain entrance doortowards the harbor restaurantomani restaurant at the cave  This is the Omani restaurant which should open soon. Love the door.closer look at the harbor  We weren’t that impressed with the look of Harbor especially after seeing the incredible interior of Rumba…coming soon to a post near you.             reflection off cave window  Loved the look of the palm trees off the glass there!outdoor seating at the cavenice lighting outside rumbawaterfall at the cave  The pictures fail to capture the beauty of the place and its surroundings.  I must admit that I was skeptical of the whole “cave thing” but it looks like they’ve created quite a unique place.  I recommend heading down there yourself and walking around and through the place.2 open places at the cave  These were the only 2 places open for business when we were there on Friday.  Stay tuned for our exciting food tasting evening at Rumba, the Latina Restaurant, at the Cave in the next post. 

For Reservations at Harbor or Clouds, call 80006000, or email info@thecave.om.  Website: www.thecave.om (which will actually direct you to their facebook page)