Rumba Lattina Restaurant, The Cave

Rumba sign Rumba Lattina is one of the 8 restaurants within the Cave Complex on Qurum Heights Road.  We recently had the privilege of attending an official “food tasting” evening there thanks to our friend, Maurizio!  The place itself is spectacular and I hope you get a good sense of the ambiance and an idea of just how good the food is from the following 28 pics within this blogpost.rumba scene artistic mask The artwork located throughout Rumba restaurant is gorgeous.  It was all shipped from South America and Mexico! tapas barI love the lighting and look of the Tapas Bar!native like artworkmore artwork on tapas bar details on wall champagne room  The Champagne Bar – Oh la la! smoking room  How cool is this smoking room?! another view cocktail bar The gents preparing mocktails for guests. This is the main Cocktail Bar.  The liquor license for the Cave Complex will be available soon and will cover all locations there I was told.  Rumba will be open until 3am and it’s sure to be a cool place to hang out and have a drink.  Che and Susan My honey and Susan in front of the Tapas bar. Check out Susan’s food blog “Fatsu” here.mask on wall native statue another mask ceramic lizards another view of rumba Carlos at Rumba    Carlos, one of the friendly waiters at Rumba.  The drinks they prepared were so delicious and they kept bringing more and more!Tapas  Tapas we tried include seafood tamales, arepa reyna pepiada and vegetable empanada.  60% of the materials for cooking are imported so you can be sure you are eating authentic Central and South American food! another fine drink    caribean ceviche  The Aperitivo we tried: Caribean Ceviche.  One of my favourite dishes of the evening.  The fish and shrimp cooked in lemon juice was like nothing I’ve ever had before! watermelon salad  Ensalada: The Watermelon Salad was also very good! chicken mole  The first dish we tried from the “Principales” or “Main Dishes” was the Chicken Mole.  It was made with a chocolate sauce but I would not have known it was chocolate if they hadn’t told me.  Some of these dishes were completely new to me as I’m unfamiliar with South American cuisine.  I’ve definitely been missing out as the food is so unique and something that you really have to try for yourself.  nogada  The 2nd main course we tried was the “Nogada”.  Nogadas are stuffed capsicums.  They served us 2 actually: Lamb & Vegetable. Both were fantastic.maurizio taking a pic for fatsu  And here we have Maurizio in action, the official photographer for Fatsu! 😉 quesillo  The 1st of 3 desserts we were served: Quesillo.  “Mmm, Mmm” and once again let me say “Mmm!”   tres leches  “Tres leeches” – Let’s hope they have this on their main menu as it was a winner with everyone at the table.  This is a Venezuelan dessert that simply must be tried. marquesa  And last of all but definitely not least was the “Marquesa”.  Note the spices on the side which were arranged to represent the colours of the Omani flag.  Nice touch and great dessert! chefs and kitchen team The head chef, Guillermo, (3rd from the left- not including the Amazon-warriorish statue!) and the other chefs and kitchen staff taking a bow at the end of an incredible gastronomical evening of great food and equally good company.  The restaurant should be opening some time next week.  When it does open, this is a restaurant I would definitely recommend trying out for yourself!


9 responses to “Rumba Lattina Restaurant, The Cave

  1. HI there – how do you actually get to the Cave?

    • It’s on the Qurum Heights Road. As you drive on the highway in the direction of Ruwi, you will eventually see a sign for the turn off to “The Cave” on the right.

  2. Did you see the menu or were you given a ‘taster’ sample with no choice? I ask because I am wondering if they do a Venezuelan poster call ‘Bien Me Sabe’. Very moorish, very bad for you but oh so good!
    The Cave in general leaves me non-plussed but this place looks good as I like authentic South American food.

  3. i am very excited to have such variety under one roof . I haven’t been to it yet. But food buffs like myself who have been are a little surprised by the prices. They did say the food was good but very expensive.
    Are they a licensed restaurant. Of course this comment isn’t about the south american Rumba Lattina but the THE CAVE in general.

  4. hey i saw you last time in qurum city center with your family.i told my wife that your one of the popular blogger in oman. i was thinking of approaching you then but decided not.anyway goodluck in the ph.are you going to make andy in ph. haha.

    • Hi, Mike!
      Next time be sure to say “hi”! 🙂 In fact, I do have an Andy in the Philippines blog but I’ve never had the time to update it. If we get the internet in our home this summer, I’ll be posting.

  5. Dear Andy,
    thank you for the wonderful review and photos, we are delighted you had great time.
    We’re opening Rumba Lattina today and hopefully many other guests will have the same experience. For any of your readers who would like to find out more please visit or

    The Rumba Team 🙂

  6. This is most like mexican food, isnt it? if you love this food that was made with 60% mexican ingredients, i really hope you all can try real mexican food like machaca, frijoles con panela, pescado sarandeado, etc.

    saludos Pocholo.. exito hermano!

  7. Hi there, I need to get in touch with them to get a pic for Food and Travel Arabia, do you have a personal contact please?

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