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Muscat Festival 2013 – Fountain, Music & Laser Show

Muscat Festival lightsfountain frontfriendly locals at festival

12 Days of Muscat Festival Remaining!

Daily Laser/Waterscreen/Fountain/Fireworks Show at Qurum Natural Park during Muscat Festival 2011!!!

fireworks pics and video tomorrow…loving the Muscat Festival!¬† ūüôā

The French Team Won the World’s First Fireworks Competition (2010) in Muscat, Oman!

Well, it was announced¬†on Saturday, December 18th that the winner of the world’s first ever World Fireworks Competition (2010) is the French fireworks manufacturer, Lacroix-Ruggeiri!¬† My wife was so sure that they would win after their performance, which was the last of 6 competitors, on Friday, Dec. 17th from 8-8:25pm.¬† Check out some vids that my sister-in-law and wife took turns filming (while I tried capturing a few pics on my Canon EOS 500D).¬† Video #1, Video #2, Video #3, Video #4 (this part was a real crowd pleaser especially with the heart-shaped fireworks from 1:00-1:30 into video #4! Wow!!!),¬†Video #5, Video #6, Video #7, Video #8

Lacroix-Ruggieri Finish off the Oman World Fireworks Competition 2010 WITH STYLE!!!

More pics and vids later.¬† Tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 18th they are to announce the winner! Any guesses out there?¬† My wife thinks Lacroix-Ruggieri will win…Me…I’ll leave that to the judges.¬† I just know it’s been an awesome and busy 2 weeks here in Muscat with so many exciting things going on!¬† I think all the teams deserve a standing ovation (I’m standing now! Out of my chair!) for an incredible World’s First Fireworks Competition!¬† “Bravo!¬† Great job! Bien fait!¬†Felicitations! Congratulazioni!¬† Felicitazioni!” to all the teams!!!