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Muscat Festival 2013 – Fountain, Music & Laser Show

Muscat Festival lightsfountain frontfriendly locals at festival

12 Days of Muscat Festival Remaining!

Daily Laser/Waterscreen/Fountain/Fireworks Show at Qurum Natural Park during Muscat Festival 2011!!!

fireworks pics and video tomorrow…loving the Muscat Festival!  :-)

The French Team Won the World’s First Fireworks Competition (2010) in Muscat, Oman!

Well, it was announced on Saturday, December 18th that the winner of the world’s first ever World Fireworks Competition (2010) is the French fireworks manufacturer, Lacroix-Ruggeiri!  My wife was so sure that they would win after their performance, which was the last of 6 competitors, on Friday, Dec. 17th from 8-8:25pm.  Check out some vids that my sister-in-law and wife took turns filming (while I tried capturing a few pics on my Canon EOS 500D).  Video #1, Video #2, Video #3, Video #4 (this part was a real crowd pleaser especially with the heart-shaped fireworks from 1:00-1:30 into video #4! Wow!!!), Video #5, Video #6, Video #7, Video #8

Lacroix-Ruggieri Finish off the Oman World Fireworks Competition 2010 WITH STYLE!!!

More pics and vids later.  Tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 18th they are to announce the winner! Any guesses out there?  My wife thinks Lacroix-Ruggieri will win…Me…I’ll leave that to the judges.  I just know it’s been an awesome and busy 2 weeks here in Muscat with so many exciting things going on!  I think all the teams deserve a standing ovation (I’m standing now! Out of my chair!) for an incredible World’s First Fireworks Competition!  “Bravo!  Great job! Bien fait! Felicitations! Congratulazioni!  Felicitazioni!” to all the teams!!!