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My Spa Experience at The Chedi

the cheri spa main entrance  During our recent stay at The Chedi, my wife convinced me to give the Spa a try.  I’m glad I listened as it was a great experience.  2 years ago I posted about the opening of the Spa at Chedi (click here to check it out) but this was my first time to experience it for myself.  The pic above is just in front of the reception area.  They sell all kinds of products including soaps, massage oils, lotions and even Chedi bathrobes (16 OR). We picked up a nice bottle of massage oil containing frankincense and rose for 11 OR.  I called up and made an appointment for the “Authentic Balinese Treatment” at a cost of 40 OR.

reception area of the spaOf course you don’t need to be a guest at the hotel to book a massage or treatment at the Spa.  Just be sure to show up 10 mins in advance as it’s just good spa etiquette!

massage oils  In a small comfortable waiting area, your therapist will come and ask you how you want your massage (strong, medium or soft) and will then ask you to choose your massage oil from a number of selections.

spa hallway  And then down the hallway to one of the many treatment rooms

preparation room  The first part of the massage occurs in this “preparation room”.  The room is too large to fit in one pic, but there is a large cabinet where you place all your clothes (while the therapist is on the other side of the door waiting for your knock to signal you’re ready) and lock up your belongings to give you an added sense of security.  Once you’re ready and your bathrobe is on, the therapist will start with a very relaxing foot cleaning and scrubbing in the small basin pictured here.  They even give you a nice drink full of antioxidants which is similar to the “Chedi detox” available on the menu at the long pool.  A surprisingly pleasant part of the experience and a great way to start!

treatment room  This is the actual treatment room.  The therapist gave me the option of turning on the heated massage table or leaving it off.  Although it was a very hot day, by the time I got to the treatment room I was cooled off so I decided to go for the heated table.  I’m glad I did because I think it added to the whole experience. The 60 minutes flew right by and it was fantastic! She managed to work out every kink and I felt like a new man.  And because the Chedi employs professionals you don’t have to worry about a therapist asking if you want anything more when you’re done…

spa lounge  Feel free to hang out in the Spa Lounge after your treatment.

total relaxationThey have a great view of the ocean crashing on the beach in the front window and the long pool in front of the lounge chairs to the right.

beach in front of spa lounge

view from spa lounge

long poolThe Spa is a great place to relax and unwind during the killer heat of summer in Oman!  Highly recommended!

Bad Driving in Oman!

Y-Magazine captured some of my all time pet peeves about driving in Oman on this video they published yesterday: Tailgating, overspeeding and no use of indicators!

Dangerous driving is being talked about a lot on Oman Social Media this week as there was a horrendous accident in which 4 kids were killed and others injured involving a private minivan that was apparently overcrowded bringing kids to Pakistan School Muscat.  Driving in Oman is one of the major downfalls of living here in Oman. Oman can be at the top of the list for many factors (“best roads”, happiest citizens, financial opportunities….bla,bla,bla) but if it cannot provide basic safety on its roads all those other successes seem absolutely meaningless.  What is the point of having a good job in a beautiful city if one cannot have some peace of mind that their child has a strong chance of coming come home safely each day?!  Facts of Life 101.

“I am Child” Exhibition by Ghailani – Awareness of Child Abuse

I am CHILD Poster  Tonight at 7:30pm there is a solo exhibition by Ibrahim Gailani at “Whispers of Serenity Clinic“. This will be Gailani’s 1st solo exhibition – with 22 paintings set in 3 themed series: “Internal Shame“, “Letting-go“, and “Healing“.Sitting-Profile1  (Pic from Ghailani’s art website)  Ghailani is a local, self-taught, contemporary artist living in Muscat, Oman.  His daring exhibition is about child abuse, something which he has experienced first hand and is a taboo subject to many.  Read about how art was a powerful form of therapy in Ghailani’s life as reported in Muscat Daily in the article, “Therapeutic Art“.

 From the press release: “Gailani explained “The aim of this project was to create awareness and get people to talk about this taboo subject and illustrate how various forms of therapy, including art therapy helps the process of letting go of the pain and moving towards healing. It is to show the success of my own personal journey using art as therapy to no longer be stuck with pain of abuse, and to give hope to victims and parents/guardians of abused children that a fulfilled life can be lived after such a trauma if help in the form of treatment is sought”.

Ibrahim Gailani is a self-taught contemporary artist who’s journey to art is a path embarked upon through a collage of rebellion, debate, redemption, and a search for inner strength! Able to paint since the age of 5, Gailani perused a business degree on parental pressures, and after twenty years later as a top executive in the corporate world, he turned to painting after a gap of 20 years. Gailani refers himself as the “debating artist” who comments on struggles of individuals and society. He is an activist for cancer awareness and the fight to stop child exploitation and Child Abuse

Gailani lives in Muscat, Oman where he operates his studio and a gallery of his work from his home. He also manages and markets art related events on a freelance basis. He is a member of Omani Society for Fine Arts (OSFA) and the managing director for Fusionart International Middle-East Centre which is an art movement by Iranian-born American artist Rassouli.

You can follow Ibrahim on facebook at: and his website is:

The exhibition will be inaugurated jointly by artist Gailani and psychotherapist H.H. Sayyida Basma Al Said by a unique lighting of lamps; one in honor of the silent victims of abuse, one as a symbol of a new fight against child abuse with new initiative to prevent this, and one in honor of recently passed Bait Al Zubair Museum director Sarah White who was instrumental in bringing Whispers of Serenity and artist Gailani together for this project. At the exhibition a special Facebook page will be launched aimed at reaching children and counseling parents on Child Abuse awareness. The exhibition will be for 1 night only on Saturday 20th April at 7:30 p.m.”

UPDATE: Due to a huge turnout yesterday, “I am CHILD” exhibition is extended for 1 more day – 21 Apr from 10:00 a.m to 1 p.m & from 4:00 p.m to 7:30 p.m.

Shisha Smoking Not as Harmless as Some Think

This recent report titled “One Hour of Shisha =100 Cigarettes“,  from The Times of Oman suggests that Shisha (or Hookah) Smoking is not as harmless as a lot of people would like you to believe.

“Safety First Oman – Tell Us Your Story” (English Subtitles)

“Tell us your story” is a nationwide campaign by Safety First, Oman’s leading road safety organisation, that was founded by Oman national football team captain Ali Al Habsi and international rally champion Hamed Al Wahaibi.
This video features a number of prominent people from Omani society that have lost someone or know a person that has suffered as a result of a road traffic accident. This campaign asks people all across Oman to tell their story, and experiences of the road, to raise awareness of the problem of road accidents.”  Safety First Oman launched its nationwide campaign yesterday online and at Bouscher Stadium during Oman’s incredible draw (0-0) against Australia!.  Follow Ali Al Habsi, Oman’s International goalkeeper, rolemodel and all-around humanitarian at!/AliAlhabsi.