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Iran “Remains a Complicated Issue”

Was watching “See No Evil, Hear No Evil” (with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder) recently and had to laugh at one scene which involved Iran.  I thought about how appropriate that scene was even (and maybe more so) today.

From “Batman Begins” to “The Dark Knight Rises”

Watching movies is one of my major vices.  Like anyone else, I enjoy watching a movie now and then on the big screen.  I also enjoy collecting movies whenever I get a chance.  When I left Korea back in 2006, I left behind hundreds of movies I had collected.  Some of the best were sent home to family in Canada.





I was watching Batman Begins last night from the collection of 240 movies I’ve amassed so far here in the Sultanate.  The one line from the movie that stood out from all the rest for me is this one:

Your compassion is a weakness your enemies will not share.”

Batman/Wayne replies, “That’s why it’s so important.  It separates us from them.”  Well said!

Just found out that the conclusion to the Batman movies is scheduled to come out this summer: The Dark Knight Rises.  There are 3 trailers for it on the Warner Bros Picture’s Youtube page but the third one is the best.  Here it is:

Looks awesome!  I hope it makes it to Oman  at the same time it hits the theatres in the US.  It’s scheduled to open in the States on July 20th.  The movies listed on the “coming soon” page of Al Shatti Cinema only goes until July 12th so far so we’ll have to wait and see… (Thanks to Rantonit for tipping me off that Batman is scheduled to come out soon!)  It was funny to read on the IMDB trivia page for Batman Begins that the Batmobile was hit by a drunkdriver while filming in Chicago.  The driver thought it was “an invading alien spacecraft”, haha!

MI 4: Ghost Protocol – Watch it in Theatres while You Can!

The pic above captures the excitement of Mission Impossible 4 which my wife and I had the pleasure of watching at Markaz Al Bajha Cinema.  Non-stop action from beginning to end.  My favorite parts were the scenes filmed in Dubai with Cruise on Burj Khalifa (Burj being Arabic for “Tower”), the tallest building in the world.  Tom Cruise did all the scenes himself without the aid of a stunt double. Cool as cool gets!  Cruise may have pretty nutty religious beliefs, but his acting is rock solid and there’s never a dull moment in MI4.

If you haven’t seen it, here is the trailer (which basically gives the whole movie away):                                                                        

This pic captures one of the funny lines/moments in the movie.  Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is told by one of his team members, Benji, when explaining how to use the gloves to scale Burj Khalifa, “Now remember, blue is glue.” Ethan then asks, “And what is red?” “Dead“, Benji replies.

I’ll try not to give anything away but here’s the official synopsis of the film, “The IMF is shut down when it’s implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization’s name.”

The car in the move is sweet, which has a few people saying that MI4 is nothing but the world’s most expensive car ad.  It’s a lot more than that though.

Read about some of the cool “trivia” on MI4 here at IMDb.

It’s currently playing at both Al Bajha Cinema at Markaz Al Bajha mall in Al Hail (7pm, 9pm & 11:55pm) (Tel:2454-0855) and at Al Shatti Cinema in Qurum (4:30pm, 9:15pm & 11:45pm) (Al Shatti Cinema film enquiry: 24831358)                                                                             

“Cat in Boots”: Censorship in Oman?!

I saw this ad for “Cat in Boots” in Al Seeb McDonald’s and thought to myself “Isn’t it called “Puss in Boots“?”  Well apparently the UAE has insisted on censorship to change the name of “Puss in Boots” because of its (supposed) sexual connotation.  ?!?!  Folks, you can’t make stuff like this up!   Read this article from The Guardian in case you think this is some kind of joke. Sadly, Oman has jumped on the censorship wagon and so all movie posters and McDonald’s toy ads refer to “Cat in Boots“.  Stranger than fiction!

The Adventures of Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn

If you haven’t seen the new movie, “The Adventures of Tintin“, you really should see it.  It is a fun, action-packed movie with lots of laughs and twists in the plot.

It is described as a 3D animation but it’s more than that.  Because it’s filmed with Motion Capture, it is like animation and real acting combined! It’s unique from all the animation films I’ve seen before!  I figured it would have to be good as it’s Steven Spielberg’s first time directing an animation film. Here’s a trailer but of course you don’t get the 3D digital effect from this youtube trailer!

It is like Indiana Jones in comic form.  That comes as no surprise as Stephen Spielberg directed (and produced) it.    The author, Georges Rémi (who wrote under the pen name of Hergé), was a huge Stephen Spielberg fan and thought that “no one else would do justice to Tintin like Spielberg would”.  Therefore, Spielberg has had the rights to Tintin since 1983, the same year Herge died.  There is a sweet tribute to the comic’s author that may go unnoticed by the casual filmviewer if they don’t pay attention.  In the opening scene as Tin Tin is getting his portrait sketched, the artist is made in the likeness of the deceased Herge.  The artist asks Tin Tin, “Your face is very familiar.  Have I sketched you before?”  “Occasionally“, Tin Tin replies.  :-)














I loved the Tintin comics when I was a boy.  The adventures were so entertaining and exciting and I think the essence of the comics is really captured well in this film.  I probably read all of these comics as a young boy:

A few classic quotes from “The Adventures of Tin Tin“:

Great snakes!” (expression of surprise or shock often used by the main character, Tin Tin)

Billions of blue blistering barnacles!”, “Blistering barnacles!”, “Thundering typhoons!”, “Troglodytes!”, “Parasites!” and other fine words of surprise or insults from Captain Haddock that never quite make it to vulgarity.  :-)

Haddock getting nervous as Tin Tin tries to figure out how to fly a plane:                “You do know what you’re doing, don’t you, Tin Tin?” Tin Tin: “More or less.”  Haddock: “Well which is it?  More? Or less?”  Tin Tin: “Relax, will you.  I’ve interviewed a pilot before.”

This is my first visit to the Third World“, says the arrogant and culturally insensitive Opera singer to the Sultan.

Tin Tin: “How’s your thirst for adventure, Captain?”  Haddock: “Unquenchable!”

Thomson: “It was childishly simple“.  Other Thompson: “Yes, simply childish!”  (Called “Dupont” and “Dupond” in the original French version, these two bumbling detectives were based off the author’s father and his identical twin brother. from Wiki)

This movie was a lot of fun and if you have kids, they’ll love it.  It was great hearing the theatre ring with laughter as the kids reacted in delight.  My wife and I both enjoyed this film (which doesn’t happen that often! ;-) ).  The rich detail in the movie is a real feast for the eyes, especially the Royal Palace scenes with the Sultan, Omar Ben Salaad; a Sultan with a love of classical music and boats!  :-)  Like many of the animated films, there are parts that are more oriented to adults than kids.  There is (as in the comics) a large amount of comic relief (sadly) over the alcholism of Captain Haddock and a brief and unnecessary joke related to bestiality that would probably go over most peoples’ heads.  Overall though, it was great entertainment and we’ll probably get it once it comes out on DVD.  The movie ends with an obvious “wait for part 2″ announcement basically.  I understand it’s meant to be a trilogy and the next one will be co-directed by Spielberg and Jackson and will be based off 2 of the comic books from the Tin Tin series “The Seven Crystal Balls” and “Prisoners of the Sun”. (Info from Wikipedia) So get your books now from the official website’s store and read up before the next one comes out!  While you’re at it, you can check out the official Tin Tin Website and learn everything you ever wanted to know about Tin Tin.