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Image                                                                                  I sometimes get emails or comments from people asking about how to get started in teaching overseas or how to get a teaching job in Oman or elsewhere abroad.  I usually advise them to search on Dave’s ESL Cafe.  Go Overseas is another source. (If you know of others, feel free to share them in the comments section!)   Teacher Port is one more website that I would advise people to check out.  I was recently contacted by Greg from who thought people reading this blog might be interested in knowing about a new development on their site.  TeacherPort now provides free CV advice for teachers and new university graduates who are interested in teaching overseas. Interested teachers can visit their Teaching Abroad CV Advice page here where they can find further information about the free CV advice to allow them to maximize their job application chances.  Thanks for the info, Greg!  Greg writes, “We hope your readers find TeacherPort to be a helpful tool in their job search!”  I hope so as well! 🙂